Coral lamp

Coral lamp is made in glass featuring solar panels on its top exterior; the sustainable lamp produces energy from the sun to power itself.


Bonbons is a family of lanterns, each bonbon is handmade and one of a kind.

Fifth Element Photo Book

Photo book by Marija Strajnić consists of 16 interactive portraits that are directly involved in the destruction of their images. Layout design by Katarina Šoškić.

Jedan sto

La Biennale di Venezia, Serbian Pavilion 2012.

Strawberry Tree

Public solar charger for mobile phones. It was listed as one of 25 technological innovations that will be part of the future cities.

Hand painted T-shirts

He started his own line of hand painted t-shirts and jewelry sold in a number of shops in Japan.

Hand painted T-shirts

He started his own line of hand painted t-shirts and jewelry sold in a number of shops in Japan.

Restaurant Dijagonala

Design of modular dividers.


3D presentation of the Table for DESIGNERS LAB at NOVA ISKRA

coffee table-stool/ prototype

Kako.ko design studio (author: Milena Jovanovic)
realized 2008

TIM & TOM/ chest of drawers/ prototype

Kako.ko design studio (autor: Milena Jovanović)
realized 2008

organizer per 2009/ BUCK professional lighting

Kako.ko design studio (co autors: Vesna Pejović, Milena Jovanović)
realized 2008

MINI kitchen

is the concept of kitchen system with rationally combined elements in one compact unit.


the chair comprises two mutually cross-linked wooden frames and a shell ( made of molded oak tree) which fits into them, all three elements are reciprocally connected by screws.


is an experimental chair comprised of a constructive wooden body.


The open competition - Reconstruction of the National Museum of Kikinda, interior design of five different exhibition units. 

BENCH 1878, House B, Morkin, Serbia / 2010 /

This is a bench designed of wooden beams of very specific profiles, a part of the roof construction of the demolished house.

HOUSE B Terra Panonica estate - Mokrin (Serbia 2010)

House B represents one of five buildings on the Terra Panonica estate and is located in the location of the former old family house from the year 1878, which was not preserved due to its ruinous co

75% - 25% chair

This chair has a function of a small stool with low and twisted back. It is light, of minimal dimensions and adjustable to the different spontaneous body positions.

plantpot +

Plantpot + is redesign of an archetype shape of the plantpot with an extra “addition” which has a function of a small table and makes a closer connection between plant and user.


A solar lamp that charges the sun light during the day through integrated DSS cells and powers LED diodes that produce light at night.

Project Moe

MOE is a range of light and video augmented modular constructions that follow the same concept: spatial multiplication of one element - the physical object and a video animation applied to it.

Mediterranean Bench

System of benches for the public space of a city on the Mediterranean coast.

Compound table

Entirely made of laminate faced plywood boards.

Sava square with memorial, 2012

Competition, first prize, 2006, with Jelena Pančevac

Floor lamp

With adjustable light direction depending on lamp various lamp positions. Powder coated aluminum. 2009 for Young Balkan Designers exhibition, Belgrade.

Wooden table

made from solid oak. Specific leg construction provides stability of upper horizontal board, while at same time it is easily demountable for transport.

Traffic jam coat hanger

Furniture object not only features hooks in which to hang jackets and other clothing items, but stays true to its original form and function of displaying signage.

Scissor chair

Concept is to utilize the already existing mechanism and apply it to get a folding chair lightweight construction that when the assembled can stand alone or can be fit with the other folded chairs

Nature Hybrid coffee table

Versatility of this product in particular is reflected in the multiplicity of its capabilities.

Sofa metamorphosis

The idea is to make a hybrid of two different pieces of furniture, sofas and armchairs so that they form one piece.

Hotel room

Bed, table for makeup and wardrobe are designed to visually have a sharp edges, but are actually wooden substructure and covered with sponge and the leather, so soft to the touch.

’’D.O.’’ CONCEPT STORE, 2010

The main concept follows the designer’s sofisticated and unpretentious style -through the linear, contituous lighting.


This project was a result of a student workshop collaboration that took place in Helsinki.


Project emphasizes and uses effects through which we experience sunlight - reflection and refraction, shadows and color, supporting the main idea of public solar chargers.

PLAY ME chair

The main idea was to make a comfortable and adaptable wooden chair which, at first, looks hard, rigid and inflexible, with straight lines and simple appearance.

Dentist office, Smederevo

Challange in this project consisted of providing all the necessary spaces - working, waiting and auxiliary rooms -within the limited plan area measuring only 37 m².

CATAPULT swing chair

It is an indoor swing with bent plywood seat and plywood supports that can be hung from a ceiling at home or office where one can gently rock or rest.

SUPERNATURAL sustainability

Sustainable and eco-design; functional object as large sculpture, a sort of „packiging“ of specified purpose.


Objectives of the stand construction was to be memorable, unique and functional space, in accordance with the corporate design.


Luis le Grand: armchair from the collection inFORMel objects with story of posture, form/fold and motion.


TRANS/FOLD collections
Urban design/recycling multifunctional object inspired by the form of the traditional stool – tripod. Made from recycled cardboard.


Basic concept represents good mix of tradition and innovation, where cultural heritage is redefine into contemporary designed object.


The lamp is designed to be playful and stimulating for the user, inviting for the interaction and repositioning.

Piao Paper Chair

Gluing layers of paper is the way how to make a traditional paper umbrella. Our Paper Seat is using the same craft. The paper Layers are combined until the chair is strong enough to sit on.


The durability and solidness of the material are properly fulfilling the requirements on a table surface. At the same time, porcelain is generating a warm and comfortable living atmosphere.

Low Chairs

Clean wooden construction is combined with variation of few different pillows and united with pastel color pallet.


This paper storage is made for small things, to keep them organized on table or shelf. It is a wooden – paper notebook when it is closed.

///THUS _FAR//

Video mapping.

Astal desk

A desk that easily folds and unfolds, perfect for a small space. It has foldable legs and a top that connects with the legs with just two pins.

Chair 02

One piece of aluminium sheet, cut in pattern and bent to shape. The chair is ligh weight. Stackable and it can be used both outdoor and indoor.

Pomoću štapa i kanapa table

In collaboration with Milena Milčić. The idea with this table was to eliminate screws, glue and many other conventional type of wood joining, and instead use compression and tension.

Vent chair

In collaboration with Milena Milčić. These unusual chairs were inspired by industrial chimneys and used up toilet paper rolls.


Most attention is devoted to connecting living room and loggia with magnificent panoramic view toward St. Sava temple.


Hotel is main building of resort, inner and outer "vortex" that attracts all other amenities, visitors and buildings.


BElgrade-BErlin is a booklet which follows the concept of Omnibus Berlin.

He likes that place too

“He likes that place too” is a photo essay, telling the story of one summer.

Tube Supernatural

The main idea of this competition was usage of a recycled materials.

100 Hotels of Serbia

The main idea is to create a hotel that should be entirely connected to and blended into the mountain and ski slope in a way to provide a direct access to guest rooms from its top of the roof.

VIP box

MTV Music box is a temporary place designed for hedonic enjoyment of users during the concerts in Beogradska arena.

Negative lamp

Idea was to achieve illusion of the third dimension with merger more transparent plate only simply cut in circles cause the occurrence of negative lamp products.

Magic Spoon

Despite its traditional shape, this spoon has a completely innovative function with hair clasp or a pen being used as an inspiration.

Draw your own lamp

Is a concept of lighting body with integrated drawing board. A marker can be used for writing on the board, and a cloth is used for cleaning.


The clock is a witty interpretation of the English word CAT. When it is read in Cyrillic alphabet, the meaning is completely different.

Wing Table

Is a table with changeable length of the top part. It consists of the lateral frames, legs, fixed central board and two wings independent boards.

Eo Chair

The concept of this chair begins with a simple branching of legs. They are integrated with part for back and hands and together they form a stable unit.

Dallas Hotel room

The preliminary design that won the first prize in the competition of Dallas Serbian Company, for the design of the hotel room.

DNK shelf

Shelf for books, magazines, etc. This wooden shelf has a form inspired by the structure of DNA chain.

Armadillo accommodation

Transportable accommodation for expedition on Antarctica. One person can stay in this accommodation, it is primarily meant for scientists and researchers, and for short stay.


This lamp consists of two parts: a three-leg supporter and an independent lampshade. By simply pulling the cord and/or the lampshade, different positions can be achieved.


TISCH is simply what its name means – a table. It has a board and four legs.


This floor lamp uses a counterweight to balance between different positions. The aim of this light was to achieve equilibrium inside a moving structure.


GREEN LINE light is designed from pure
simplification.Sometimes,the simplicity of a line is enough to tell the whole story.


EUREKA is a floor lamp. Its concept is a satirical view of the present saturated


Bringing together liquid and solid material, by using wood and polyurethane resin. Wood is used both as a mould and a part of final structure, while resin has a function of a joining material.

ANIMAL The Other Side of Evolution

Visual interpretation of animal anatomy, built upon existing skeleton structures to create a series of sculptural pieces that appear as natural properties of the human body, suggesting strength, po


Permanent, site-specific installation
About 400 specially designed bird boxes are set up on the front facade of the building forming a specific tree pattern.

The City

Permanent, site-specific light installation, programmed LED
The aim with "The City" was to depict the melodies of a city in a tale of light.

Sunny day

This installation is made of 4464 small medical glass vials filled with different colored liquids, in a sterile laboratory framework with a fluorescent backlight.


Rage Against Violence is a "call to stop" the meaningless slaughter and inhuman breeding of unnatural domestic animal farms.


A series of posters with a critical view on the events that happened during the 2010. Each poster deals with a different theme that shook the world in a course of one month.