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6 Dec 2013

Nova Iskra – 1st Birthday

Design incubator Nova Iskra, a unique meeting point of the emerging creative professionals and forward-thinking business, has just celebrated the first year of existence! More than two and half years in the making, design incubator NOVA ISKRA officially opened the doors of its multifunctional 350 m2 workspace in downtown Belgrade on December 6th 2012.


Alongside a big list of realized programs, Nova Iskra has also (re)defined its fields of activities as well as directions for further development. The platform incorporates three core levels of activity – the pioneering COWORKING initiative in the Balkan region; INNOVATION PLATFORM which includes education programs and local and international projects from the fields of emerging creativity, innovation and social design; and finally, services and training programs from the CREATIVE BUSINESSdomain, aimed at forward-thinking companies and clients, designers and entrepreneurs. Have a look at our “about” page, and get to know the specifics of our approach –


Furthermore, we are drawing your attention to the fact that the space Nova Iskra is now available for partial or complete rental, for the needs of programs and presentations of other organizations, companies or freelancers. You can find all the details here, tag “Rental”.


Please read on for data and infos which give an insight into an exciting year filled with inspirational and useful lectures, communication to our community of creatives, numerous meetings with partners, international collaborations and realized projects.




– Reconstruction of the interior of the Nova Iskra workspace, featured in many international design magazines

– Professional coworking space was used by 35 professionals over the course of 2012

– 4.500 visitors to our space and programs in the first 12 months of operation

– Development and strengthening of local and international network of

– Establishing partnerships with domestic companies and public institutions

– Creative development of several projects from the field of innovation, IT, entrepreneurship and trade

– Participation and presentation at several conferences in Serbia and the region

– Work on several strategic development plans and total identities for projects

– Redesign of several products for Serbian companies




– More than 50 individual lectures from the fields of design, entrepreneurship, intellectual property…

– 3 practical workshops from the domains of souvenir and product design, with lecturers from Sweden and Holland

– 5 seminars from the domains of packaging design, photography, legal framework, presentation skills and alike

– Regular program of monthly free legal consultations for creatives and entrepreneurs

– AKS ME ANYTHING quarterly event offering free consultations by a variety of relevant experts 
- Initiated the “Designer In Residence” program

– Initiated the program of 4

– month mentorship for startup ideas  with Association of Managers of Serbia

– Design Library established in collaboration with Global Press


Nova Iskra also initiated many of its own projects dealing with the application of innovation in the domains of education, manufacturing and services. You will find out more about them over the course of 2014.


On the occasion of his very special anniversary, on December 6th 2013 we gathered around with our members, partners and friends who helped us on this exiting journey, at the same time and on the same place – exactly 365 days later. Have a look at the photo gallery.


Once more, we humbly thank all of our friends, individuals and organization who have in any way contributed to our results in this short period of time. We are sure that the best is yet to come!



Your truly, the Nova Iskra team