Toni Prug

10 Feb 2017

Last public lecture as part of Studies of Commons program, Economic and social conditionality (self) management: public sector and development by Toni Prug, will be held on Friday, February 10th at 6 PM at Nova Iskra. Admission is free.


In his lecture Economic and social conditionality (self) management: public sector and development, Toni Prug will analyse reasons why the long-term participation of workers and residents in the management processes of the state and the public sector are rare, and what are the state’s and public sector’s products, as well as what is their role in relation to the capitalist production at all levels of development - economic, social and human. In the private sector, it is clear that management models are justified by private properties, and that the production of all sectors depends on a series of economic and social givens, which mainly arise from the dominant role of the capitalist production.


Toni Prug received his PhD at Queen Mary, University of London in deliberation of state and economy changes with the purpose to spread equal and participatory production and allocation models. He is exploring the specifics of social forms of production and their impact on development.


Tune into Facebook live transmission of the lecture! All interested parties who are unable to physically attend the public lectures, will have the opportunity to follow them live via the Nova Iskra Facebook page.


Through a series of lectures and workshops, Studies of Commons investigate topics such as  alternatives to capitalism, heritage and the possibility of self-management, including implications of technological, economic and urban development that are guided by the idea of ​​general or common good, i.e. commons


The program presents and analyses examples of good practices in different contexts, but also through theoretical frameworks, and offers to the participants various aspects of organisational structures that provide successful results and whose experience may be useful for other local contexts when it comes to management and use of common resources. At the same time, the program will deal with collaborative practices, as well as forms and models of property relationships that are formed around the idea of  “commons”.

Studies of Commons are co-presented by Nova Iskra, Ministry of Space and Regional Science Research Centre of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, and are realized with the support of Heinrich Boell Foundation.