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Nova iskra is a unique meeting point of the emerging creative professionals and forward-thinking business. We manage design and employ innovation in order to discover new values in the fields of creative business, education, social improvement and empowerment of local communities. Our multifaceted platform embraces the design process as a starting point for developing problem-solving ideas, projects and services by assigning them with tailor-made, transdisciplinary teams comprised of leading experts, professionals and creatives. We use progressive ideas and experiences from the creative domain as a tool to empower, update and develop small and medium-sized businesses, as well as to provide creative and business support to entrepreneurs, on a local or global level. We are determined to affirm the young, emerging talents and provide them with opportunities to be the agents of change and local economic growth, alongside with the companies which share our values.


For the purpose of the Nova Iskra web page, the content is regarded as a creative expression and applies to video, audio, photographs, images, design, logos, texts, responses, comments, other information, graphic interactive materials that are on the website, or are in any other way available on the website.

Nova Iskra determines which previously submitted content will be published on the Nova Iskra website. The Nova Iskra members keep the copyright and all other related rights, as well as industrial property rights (patents, designs, trademarks etc.) related to the submission, while Nova Iskra keeps the copyright and other rights on all other content of the website that does not include content submitted by a member.

Members of Nova Iskra are multidisciplinary artists, who are divided into three member groups: Designers Lab, Creative Hub and Industry Hub.


Nova Iskra has adopted the following rules regarding the copyrights and related rights and industrial property: Nova Iskra operates in accordance with the copyright and other related rights, the law for protection of industrial design, trademark rights, as well as other legal regulations from the field of intellectual property.

Members of Nova Iskra are also obliged to respect to the provisions of the laws shown in the paragraph above, and in accordance to this Nova Iskra holds no responsibility for:

Any breach of copyright and other related rights as well as industrial property rights by third parties, that can be caused by the content provided by the member, defined in detail in Article 2 of this disclaimer,

Any direct, indirect or accidentally incurred damage (tangible and intangible) that may occur as a result of violation of copyright and other related rights, as well as industrial property rights of members,

Loss of profits, data or other intangible losses that may arise as a result of copyright and other related rights and industrial property rights, from the content submitted by the user,

The quality, safety, truth or accuracy of any part of the content that is the property of members.


Nova Iskra holds the right not to publish content submitted by the member if the content is false, inaccurate or misleading, forged or can lead to any illegal actions, or if it is a violation of copyright and other related rights, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of third parties, contains child pornography, encourages religious, national, racial or ethnic hatred, intolerance and violence, contains hate speech or incites discrimination, contains or spreads computer viruses or similar programs (malware) that could potentially harm other systems, data or personal information.


Nova Iskra respects the copyrights and other rights of its members and third parties, and expects the same from its members.

Nova Iskra hereby notifies all third parties who consider their copyrights and other related rights or industrial property rights to be violated by the content on the Nova Iskra website to immediately contact Nova Iskra by writing via email

Nova Iskra will respond in the shortest possible time to any notice of violation of copyright or industrial property rights submitted by third parties, by contacting the member whose content allegedly violated the copyright and other related rights or industrial property right of a third party, as well as removing the offending content from the Nova Iskra website.

Notices of violation of rights should include the name of the content in question, the name, last name or pseudonym of the author, explanation that pokies online the user content violated copyright or other related rights or industrial property rights of the submitter or a third party and contact information of the submitter (Article 20, paragraph 4 law on Electronic Commerce).

Nova Iskra will, concerning this notice, proceed as follows:

1) Remove or disable access to the disputed content, as soon as possible,

2) Inform members about the notice of infringement of copyright or other related rights, as well as industrial property rights of third parties as well as removing the offending content from the web page of Nova Iskra

3) Nova Iskra will not mediate or participate in solving any possible disputes that may arise from the above mentioned situation, but will submit to the third party the contact information of the participants in the proceedings available to Nova Iskra, with the explicit consent of the member or a third party.

In the case of frequent complaints about the violation of copyright and other related rights or industrial property rights by a certain member, Nova Iskra will consider the possibility of suspension or revocation of rights or status of a member, taking into account the testimony of the member.