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7 Nov 2018

Karkatag collective and Nova Iskra at Chroniques, a digital art biennial in France



Chroniques des imaginaires numériques, a biennial dedicated to the link between contemporary creation and new technologies, is held in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, from November 9th to December 15th. The visitors of the biennial will have an opportunity to discover unique exhibition circuit that will enable them a different look at our world, and also to take part in the opening and closing special events.

During November, artistic collective Karkatag from Serbia is realizing their stay within the Designer in Residence program also there, in Marseille, organized by Nova Iskra and AMI Center.

Karkatag will take part in the biennial and present their work, that strives incorporating innovative technological options into their interactive creative solutions.

At the same time, Relja Bobić, international cooperation manager at Nova Iskra, will also take part in this biennial, within the panel discussion Educational structures, business incubators and accelerators, living lab, r&d – but where is innovation born? This session is going to be held on Thursday, November 9th and beside represent from Nova Iskra, it will gather eminent curators, artists and academics from France, Canada and Italy. The purpose of that round table is to establish a “cartography” of innovation today. The point is to talk about participants’ point of view, demonstrating how each of them think and work on the “birth of innovation”.