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24 Sep 2015

Croatian and Slovenian architects visit Nova Iskra

Nova Iskra continuously cooperates with a number of initiatives in the region. Accordingly, will host a group of 30 Croatian and Slovenian architects, who are connected through the cooperation with Guardian Sungard, the largest glass manufacturer in the world, and KO-glas, distributor of silicone from leading companies in the field – Dow Corning.


The two-day excursion will offer the architects an introduction to contemporary and modernist architecture of Belgrade, through insights into current projects and opportunities for cooperation. A special segment of the excursion is dedicated to legislation and regulations for using glass in modern architecture.


The program that will be held at Nova Iskra on Wednesday, September 23rd will begin with an introductory lecture by Marko Radenković, general manager of Nova Iskra. He will introduce the concept and functioning of our incubator and coworking space. The lecture will be followed by presentations of prominent architectural experts from Belgrade, who will talk about various aspects of practicing architecture in Belgrade, through three presentations:


Jelena Ivanović, architect and General Manager of BINA conference will present an overview of the Serbian architectural scene,


Vesna Cagić, architect and President of the Association of Belgrade Architects (DAB), will present governmental projects and architectural concepts in Belgrade, focusing on the controversial project of Belgrade Waterfront,


Nikola Andonov, architect and founder of the fablab concept at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, will present the achieved results, with a focus on working with students.


Besides this program of presentations, guests will also have an  organized visit to New Belgrade (Novi Beograd), as well as other significant buildings around Belgrade.