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8 Oct 2020

Food tells us about our history: discover it with the Food is Culture online exhibition

5 Oct 2020

Nova Iskra in Portugal as part of the CreativeFLIP project

1 Oct 2020

MADE IN: Crafts — Design Narratives exhibition in Austria

17 Sep 2020

Changes in the Nova Iskra team

15 Sep 2020

Nova Iskra announces the third and final international conference within the “Connect for Creativity” project

3 Aug 2020

MADE IN project presents a critical reader on the dialogue between design and crafts

8 Jun 2020

COVID-19 Crisis & CCI Workers

16 Mar 2020


13 Mar 2020

“TransLocal Cooperation” exhibition brings artworks from Greece, Serbia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom to London

10 Mar 2020

“Creative FLIP” project releases results of the second round of P2P exchange program

9 Mar 2020

MADE IN: Crafts — Design Narratives Traveling Exhibition and Conference in Ljubljana

11 Feb 2020


4 Feb 2020

“Creative Explorations” Conference in Athens

27 Jan 2020

Creative hubs boost confidence amongst people and countries

23 Dec 2019

The Creative FLIP project and ECHN announce peer-to-peer exchanges between creative hubs and their members

23 Dec 2019

Ark of Taste is coming to schools!

10 Dec 2019

Creative Catalyst: The role of Universities in Empowering Creative Industries

25 Nov 2019

Nova Iskra Workspace just opened its first restaurant!

25 Nov 2019

Nova Iskra at the “Ilucidare Playground” Conference in Brussels

4 Nov 2019

Nova Iskra and European Creative Hubs Network at the Creative Forum Ljubljana

28 Oct 2019

Food is culture: Nominate your local food products to the Arc of taste catalog and save them from oblivion

21 Oct 2019

David Ohlsson’s and Dit-Cilinn’s “Flood” exhibition

16 Oct 2019

Nova Iskra one of the participants in the Swedish Institute Innovation Leaders (SIIL) program 2019

15 Oct 2019

Connect for Creativity’s second international conference “Creative Catalyst” takes place in Kayseri

17 Sep 2019

Nova Iskra Workspace powered by Rent24 opened its new location in Belgrade

24 Jun 2019

Open Call for Art and Technology Residency Programme in Athens, Istanbul and Belgrade

18 Jun 2019

Nova Iskra at WebizEdu in Novi Sad

20 May 2019

Nova Iskra part of the Swedish Institute Innovation Leaders (SIIL) initiative

9 May 2019

Nova Iskra is announcing “Connect for Creativity” project and international conference “Creative Backslash”

25 Apr 2019

MADE IN: Mapping of Belgrade craftsmen, residences and workshops

23 Apr 2019

Entrepreneurship and Creative Businesses Workshop

9 Apr 2019

10 years of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: stronger than ever a decade later

8 Apr 2019

The first General Assembly of the EUROPEAN CREATIVE HUBS NETWORK

2 Apr 2019

Slow Food presents the artwork Exhibition: What you didn’t know existed. Endangered food from around the world

4 Dec 2018

Nova Iskra invites Serbian companies to take part in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program

23 Nov 2018

NOVA ISKRA announces the open call for the position of Manager of International Cooperation

7 Nov 2018

Karkatag collective and Nova Iskra at Chroniques, a digital art biennial in France

29 Oct 2018

The Swedish Innovation Eco System, Visitor’s Programme

22 Mar 2018

Internship in digital marketing

1 Oct 2018

This year’s Designer in Residence program

27 Sep 2018

Nova Iskra Workspace announces its joint venture with one of the leading coworking providers – rent24

20 Sep 2018

New issue of Zent magazine is in the bookstores!

11 Jun 2018

Peer Exchange Meetup Switzerland

25 May 2018

Nova Iskra announces EXCITE 2.0 – program for professional exchanges of entrepreneurs across Europe

27 Apr 2018

André Pahl is the latest designer in residence at Nova Iskra

26 Apr 2018

NELT wins the VIRTUS philanthropy award  

26 Apr 2018

Nova Iskra wins 2018 Coworker Members’ Choice Award for coworking spaces

26 Apr 2018

Digital Cities Kickoff

24 Apr 2018

Platform for theory and social practice of common goods

24 Apr 2018

Digital Cities Bootcamp

17 Apr 2018

Western Balkans Digital Cities Map

24 Jan 2018

European Creative Hubs Campus – project closing event

19 Jan 2018

British Council announces the open call for the Digital Cities program

6 Dec 2017

Nova Iskra marks its 5 years of existence!

21 Sep 2017

Nova Iskra presents its new coworking services

18 Jul 2017

Nova Iskra at Digital-Born media Carnival conference in Kotor

12 Jul 2017

Folkk successfully funded their first Kickstarter campaign

28 Jun 2017

Designer in Residence 2017

26 May 2017

Nova Iskra at the Mikser festival and the 83rd TEH conference

6 Mar 2017

First Nova Iskra webinar – Audience development

18 Feb 2017

Nova Iskra announces its first course in design management

27 Jan 2017

Nova Iskra at conferences in Florence, Zagreb, Athens and Mallorca

26 Dec 2016

Launch of the second issue of Zent magazine

7 Dec 2016

Audience development course

17 Nov 2016

Nova iskra and folkk at conferences in belgium, serbia, montenegro and bosnia and herzegovina

17 Oct 2016

Studies of Commons

3 Oct 2016

Sustainable concepts for life and work

6 Sep 2016

How Work Works – European Creative Hubs forum in Belgrade

4 Aug 2016

Applications for designer in residence 2016

20 Jul 2016

FOLKK at the Know How/Show How summer design school in Sofia

27 Jun 2016


15 Jun 2016

Green Laboratory

2 Jun 2016

FOLKK @ Balkan Design Expo

16 May 2016

Apply for the What the Hack? Hackathon

6 May 2016

Apply for the courses on entrepreneurship and presentation skills!

4 May 2016

The first issue of Zent magazine

28 Apr 2016

Visit of students of architecture from Romania

28 Apr 2016

Nova Iskra at conferences in France and Slovakia in May

26 Apr 2016

Visit of students from TU Delft from the Netherlands

25 Apr 2016

Coworking cooperation with Fueled Collective

8 Apr 2016

Practical skills courses at Nova Iskra

5 Apr 2016

The launch event of the European Creative Hubs Network project

31 Mar 2016

Memorandum of cooperation with SCEN – Center for architecture, technology and stage design

23 Mar 2016

Open call for the second cycle of the NELT educational program

21 Mar 2016

The Prince of Wales at Nova Iskra

14 Mar 2016


25 Jan 2016

Nova Iskra is a partner in the European Creative Hubs Network project

18 Dec 2015

Nova Iskra at the Skopje Creative Hubs conference

25 Nov 2015

The Forth coworking open call of Nova Iskra

9 Oct 2015

Nova Iskra at Creative EST festival

24 Sep 2015

Croatian and Slovenian architects visit Nova Iskra

23 Sep 2015

Nova Iskra pronounced for the best coworking space in Serbia

10 Sep 2015

Bricolage Lab

28 Jul 2015

Results of the open call for participation in the SMART LIVING CHALLENGE 2015 program

30 Jun 2015

Chosen participants of the Designers in Residence program

18 Jun 2015

Nova Iskra at DAN D festival

1 Jun 2015

Nova Iskra at festival Željezara

20 May 2015

Create in Residence 2015

5 May 2015

Understanding Green Economy

4 May 2015

Nova Iskra visiting Belgium, France and the region

6 Apr 2015

Designer in Residence program in 2015

2 Apr 2015

Resonate festival mini-residency at Nova Iskra

30 Mar 2015

Cooperation between Belgrade architecture and design faculties and Nova Iskra

27 Mar 2015

Interior of Nova Iskra awarded at the 37th Salon of Architecture

5 Mar 2015

Seminar From an Idea to a Business

27 Feb 2015

Nova Iskra at the Petnica Design Seminar

23 Feb 2015

Nova Iskra at the Triple E! LAB conference

22 Jan 2015

Vladimir Stajić – Nova Iskra and ERSTE Bank scholar for 2015

13 Jan 2015

Nova Iskra at the first European Creative Hubs Forum

16 Dec 2014

Designer in Residence – Jenny Nordberg

9 Dec 2014

Nova Iskra announces call for membership in the Designers Lab for 2015

15 Nov 2014

Designer In Residence – Sophia Lithell

13 Nov 2014

New extension of our coworking space

10 Oct 2014

Pontus Johansson – first Designer in Residence at Nova Iskra

18 Sep 2014

Nis Creative Camp

2 Jul 2014

The Swedish Institute presents CREATE IN RESIDENCE platform 02 Jul 2014

20 May 2014

Nova Iskra at the conference “Creative Europe Programme 2014 – 2020: Serbia and perspectives of European cooperation”

7 May 2014

Nova Iskra at the European Lab conference in Lyon

20 Apr 2014

Nova Iskra visits the First Zagreb Design Week

3 Mar 2014

This year, the Resonate festival at Nova Iskra

20 Feb 2014

Nova Iskra Design Library

14 Feb 2014

Smart Living Challenge

31 Jan 2014

Nova Iskra website among the top 50 best websites in Serbia, selected by PC Press magazine.

27 Dec 2013

The first scholarship of Nova Iskra and Erste Bank

16 Dec 2013

Nova Iskra nominated for the annual SAM Award

6 Dec 2013

Nova Iskra – 1st Birthday

1 Nov 2013

Nova Iskra announces call for memebership of designer’s lab for the 2014 cycle

20 Sep 2013

Nova Iskra and BFC green Show Room

18 Sep 2013

Strategic cooperation between Nova Iskra and VELUX company announced

4 Sep 2013

NOVA ISKRA – New season

20 Jul 2013

Nova Iskra at the REPUBLIKA festival

30 Jun 2013

Nova Iskra at TEDxZemunED

21 Jun 2013

Regional coworking initiatives and Betahaus Sofia

20 Jun 2013

Participate in the workshop by Samir Alj Failt (Sweden)

5 May 2013

NOVA ISKRA at the European Lab conference in Lyon

5 Mar 2013

Design and socially-responsible business united in the DOBRA TORBA project

5 Mar 2013

Clio books available within the Nova Iskra Design Library

1 Feb 2013

New magazines added to our library

29 Jan 2013

Open call for Designers Lab Membership in Nova Iskra is CLOSED

24 Dec 2012

Open call for membership in the Designers Lab!

21 Dec 2012

Nova Iskra at the panel dedicated to coworking spaces during b-link festival

6 Dec 2012

NOVA ISKRA – the first design incubator in the region of SEE is now open!

4 May 2012

NOVA ISKRA and IKEA announced the beginning of their strategic cooperation

27 Apr 2012

NOVA ISKRA at Share Conference

19 Apr 2012

WORKDESK “ISKRA” PROTOTYPE arrived from Kuršumlija

11 Apr 2012


23 Mar 2012

Gestalten and Pictoplasma books in NOVA ISKRA Design Library

16 Mar 2012

NOVA ISKRA and SIMPO ŠIK strategic cooperation

12 Mar 2012

Domestic architectural and design magazines in NOVA ISKRA Design Library

10 Mar 2012