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12 Jul 2017

Folkk successfully funded their first Kickstarter campaign

Nova Iskra and Folkk successfully funded their first Kickstarter campaign, collecting 20,000 $ needed for further project implementation and the expansion of their network of craftsmen. Folkk is proud to have joined the exclusive club of local projects successfully funded on the most popular crowdfunding platform.


Folkk is a Belgrade based social business that connects masters of crafts with young designers in the Balkans. On June 12th, Nova Iskra kicked off a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for expanding Folkk products, and thus empower and support even more local craftsmen. The four-weeks long campaign culminated in the last days when the team exceeded their goal and secured a total of $ 20,983 with the help of 177 backers.

In exchange for pledges on Kickstarter, all backers chose some of the limited edition, hand-crafted, unique FOLKK products: exquisite 100% wool kilims, hand-woven, wool-filled pillows; two-sided, finest-wood multifunctional plate; and a tri-form serving board made from steamed walnut. In the upcoming period, Folkk will start the production of the first series of already developed products that will will be delivered in October to all people who supported and acquired their Folk products through the Kickstarter campaign.

Folkk is committed to sustainable production processes, using 100% of local materials, and providing fair compensation to everyone involved in production. The distribution of the collected funds was defined before the campaign launch, two-thirds of the revenue will go to the current Folkk craftsmen, while the remaining money will be invested in the development of new products and the inclusion of a larger number of craftsmen in the company’s program.


Folkk will then focus on finding and involving even more craftsmen across the Balkans and developing new products.


All Folkk products are available for order at


Nova Iskra thanks everyone who supported the project and contributed in any way to the success of this campaign.