Cooperation between Belgrade architecture and design faculties and Nova Iskra

Over the course of 2014, Nova Iskra hosted students from several faculties and higher schools from Belgrade dedicated to design and architecture, as well as senior students from high schools focused on artistic practice. Having in mind that the programs of Nova Iskra are focused on young professionals from the fields of design and creative industries, especially does who are at the start of their professional carriers, establishing connections with students and professors of all significant faculties and art schools is of great importance for fullfiling the program objectives of Nova Iskra.


This Spring, a number of guest classes that will bring together students from various faculties and high schools will be held at Nova Iskra, while the first is scheduled for the beginning of April. Students and pupils will have the opportunity to get acquainted not only with the workspace of Nova Iskra, but also our workflow, our activities and educational platform, as well as to get aquainted with the field of design management. The lectures will be presented by the members of Nova Iskra team, while all of the visiting classes will be presented on Thursdays, when Nova Iskra holds its regular educational program. In this way, students will be able to attend two lectures, which we see as a valuable contribution to their extra-curricular activities.


The institutions with which the cooperation and exchange is planned during 2015 are Faculty of Applied Arts, School for Design, Techno Art High School, Faculty of Forestry, Drvo Art High School, Megatrend University, ALU, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Higher Art School for Vocational Studies, Faculty for Media and Communications, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade Polytechnic and others.