Green Laboratory

On Wednesday, June 15th  Nova Iskra publicly presented the "Green Laboratory" project, a new space that was realized in cooperation with company NIS within through the program "Together for the Community". Green laboratory is an open-air classroom and the first urban garden in the center of Belgrade, located at Nova Iskra coworking space in the Gavrila Principa Street.


The first urban garden in the center of Belgrade, as well as an open-air classroom dedicated to sustainable development was officially opened on Wednesday, June 15th at Nova Iskra.


In the framework of the Together for the Community program, NIS supported this specific working and educational outdoor space of Nova Iskra, which covers around 250 m2. Until recently, this was only the roof of a nearby object and uncultivated piece of land overgrown with weeds, now has been transformed into an educational and ecological oasis called Green Laboratory, that will be used by the local community and visitors of numerous programs and events at Nova Iskra.


This specific multifunctional outdoor space will be used for the implementation of educational programs, lectures and workshops in the field of sustainable development, as well as an open workshop intended for neighbors and interested individuals who wish to be involved in the maintenance of this sort of urban garden. Belgrade Flower Festival is also one of the partners in charge of the selection of the many crops that were planted last autumn, and now enrich the workspace of Nova Iskra members, as well as the experience of all visitors who participate in programs that are open to the public.


With the aim to improve the quality of life in the communities in which NIS operates, and in the spirit of corporate social responsibility and recognition of the need to connect local communities and major businesses, each year NIS organizes a public competition named Together for the Community. The program is designed to strengthen partnerships with the local communities in which the company operates. In the competition for 2015, 110.5 million dinars have been invested in projects of local communities and NGOs.


The first programs at Green Laboratory will be presented in early September and will address the topics from the field of landscape architecture.