New extension of our coworking space

From October this year, Nova Iskra operates within expanded facilities! As one of the first coworking spaces in our region, and the first with a special focus on design and creative industries,  we have been active at the address Gavrila Principa 43 in Belgrade from December 2012.


The area of 340m2 which was reconstructed by studio Petokraka - in cooperation with the Nova Iskra team and 22 technical partners - has already provided supreme working conditions for more than 70 individuals, freelancers and members of smaller teams from the fields of design, architecture and IT. In addition to the primary mission of providing high-quality workspace for creative professionals, from the beginning of 2013 until today more than 130 education programs were presented at Nova Iskra, while many members of the Creative Hub network – among over 200 of them - took part in dozens of different projects in the fields of graphic , UX, web and industrial design, product development, architecture, branding and strategic communications initiated or realized by Nova Iskra.


Last year the initial 18 work units were enhanced with 7 additional positions, while only a year and a half after the opening, this summer the work began on the first extension on the ground floor, an area of almost 100m2. The venture was realized in collaboration with UK's leading startup company in the field of education - Arbor Education Partners - whose technology team is also working within the coworking space of Nova Iskra. With 14 new working stations,  the number of coworkers who are regularly using the space is up to as many as 39.


Petokraka studio offered an interior design that is adapted to the conditions of the lower level,  and as in the case of the initial reconstruction additional windows were opened, walls removed and new industrial floor laid out, in order to keep the illuminated openspace effect, supported the already distinctive glass walls. Work tables and lighting were again custom designed.


The lower level extension of Nova Iskra is fully integrated with the rest of the space, and in addition to the new workstations the members have access to another equipped conference room, kitchen and storage room. The workshop which was located on the upper level has now been moved to the “ground” level, in order to leave space for the missing lounge zone for individual meetings, as a way to respond to the needs of a growing number of users.


Those interested in using Nova Iskra’s coworking offer can contact us by email, while on the website information about prices for monthly, weekly or daily use of the space is available, as well as information on technical equipment (  In late November, Nova Iskra will be announcing the third call for new Designers Lab members who, if selected,  will be able to use the space and supporting services under the beneficiary  price of 100 EUR per month.