Nova Iskra at the conference "Creative Europe Programme 2014 - 2020: Serbia and perspectives of European cooperation"

Desk Creative Europe Serbia, whose mission is to implement the program of Creative Europe in Serbia, organized the first international conference titled Creative Europe Programme 2014 - 2020: Serbia and perspectives of European cooperation, which will be held from June 30th to July 1st 2014. As part of the conference, General Manager of the Design incubator Nova Iskra, Marko Radenković will take part in the panel Development of creative industries as a strategy for sustainability - possible development directions.


The three-day event with participating experts from Europe and domestic cultural workers has been put together by the Minister of Culture and Information of Serbia - Ivan Tasovac, and the Head of EU Delegation in Serbia Michael Davenport. The conference will last for three days and will consist of panels, workshops and related programs in relation to contemporary cultural policies and prospect of European cooperation.


The first day of the conference – Transcultural European Cooperation - from institutions to individuals - raises broader thematic framework, from institutional networking at the European level, through regional cooperation, to the roles  taken by the individuals in the field of culture. The second day is devoted to the development of the audiance, mobility and creative industries, while the third day is dedicated to workshops directly related to the Creative Europe program, as well as a special program designed for students of different faculties in Serbia. General Manager of Nova Iskra Marko Radenković, will also be the moderator of the panel - From the perspective of young people: the management of the cultural system - which is part of the accompanying program for students.


Among the distinguished guests of the conference were Rob Van Iersel (Program Manager of the Creative Europe program – culture), Rita Heino (the Finnish Institute in Estonia), Laurence Baron (Relais Culture Europe), Per Voetman (Kulturkontakt Nord), Emina Višnić (Pogon), Helene Larsson Pousette (the Swedish Institute) and Charlotte Tardi (European Lab Forum, Arty Farty) as well as many other guests.


The conference Creative Europe Programme 2014 - 2020: Serbia and perspectives of European cooperation will be held on June 30th, July 1st and 2nd of July 2014 at the Palace of Serbia and the MP Club.