Nova Iskra Design Library


Nova Iskra Design Library opened on the same day as the first design incubator in the region, in December of 2012. Since then, Nova Iskra Design Library is constantly expanding through donations of individuals and publishers like Gestaleten, Pictoplasma, Oris, Design Ecologies,, Faculty of Media and Communication as well as numerous local magazines from the fields of architecture and design.

The library is situated in the conference room of Nova Iskra and currently holds around 500 titles from the domains of design, architecture, visual arts, manufacturing and lifestyle.


At the same time, our partnership with the company Global Press provides a regular monthly addition of new releases of prestige publications such as Domus, Monocle, Icon, Wallpaper, Abitare, Architectural Review, Casabella, Internal, Mark, Detail and Creative Review.

Global Press, the leading company on the serbian market, dealing with the distribution of foreign press, has been one of the strategic partners of Nova Iskra from the very start. For the members of Nova Iskra, Global Press offers special discounts for the subscription of releases from their catalog. You can review the complete list of publications distributed by Global Press here


The Design Library is available to all members of the Designers Lab and Creative Hub, and can be used whenever the conference room is avaliable. The general public can browse through magazines in Nova Iskra Design Libary before and during our regular education programs, each Thursday between 5 and 7 PM.