Nova Iskra at the Mikser festival and the 83rd TEH conference

This spring, Nova Iskra is participating at several international and regional conferences dedicated to international cooperation and creative industries.


In May, Nova Iskra had the pleasure to participate at the 83rd TEH conference in Pula, Croatia. The Rojc Association Alliance, as a member of the European network of the independent cultural centers Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is organized the TEH conference at the community center Rojc from May 25th - 28th. The topic of this year's conference is Culture and Sharing Communities.

The conference covers topics that examine the relationship between culture and sharing communities with the aim of creating responsible communities that stand in solidarity with one another, supporting a better quality of life for the community. With emphasis on the potential of cultural centers for community development, the three days of the conference explore different models of reciprocity and participation. The conference explores how socio-cultural centers can develop a culture of sharing; how these different practices contribute to social and artistic co-creation, the democratization of society, the reevaluation of social values and changing social paradigms as well as how cultural centers as spaces of sharing and imagination become hubs of social innovation and communities of practice.


On Friday, May 25th, Relja Bobić, Nova Iskra Program Manager, will participate in one of the conference panels entitled Exploring Beyond Space.


At this year’s Mikser Festival, Nova Iskra had the pleasure of participating in a specially designed program titled Digital Arts Expo Powered By Nordeus.


Besides Nordeus, who is the initiator and a sponsor of the Digital Arts Expo, this special program gathers the following companies: 3Lateral, Bunker VFX, Cofa Games, Crater Studio, Fried, Mad Head Games, Take One, Nova Iskra, Qube 3D and Startit. As a part of the Digital Arts Expo silos, the visitors will have the opportunity to see not only some of the projects these companies have been working on, but also to meet the developers and artists that were working on hits such as Witcher 3, Plants vs. Zombies, The Other Guys, Awakening Of Heroes, Grand Theft Auto V, Top Eleven and many others.


Marko Radenković, Nova Iskra General Manager, will be participating at the panel dedicated to education and talk about various educational possibilities of starting your career in digital arts.