Nova Iskra at the Petnica Design Seminar

Nova Iskra will have the pleasure of participating at this year’s Petnica Design Seminar with a lecture devoted to the field of design management and the the specifics of the working process of Nova Iskra, at the the scientific research centar Petnica.


Science Research Center Petnica is an independent organization working in the fields of scientific culture development, scientific literacy, education and culture. Activities of the research center are mainly aimed at young people – students and pupils - as well as teachers training in new techniques, methods and content in the fields of science and technology. Petnica’s programs include a wide range of fields and disciplines within the domains of natural, social and technical sciences.


Each year, Petnica organizes a number of different programs in the form of courses, seminars, scientific camps and workshops, and hosts a number of guest lecturers who are mostly experienced scientists and researchers from a number of Petnica’s cooperating scientific institutes and faculties. Since 2011, design is introduced as one of Petnica’s main topics, in which science, technology and art intertwine.


Design Seminar is held during the summer and winter semesters and is led by the renowned graphic designer Borut Vild, alongside the industrial designer Vesna Pejović and graphic designer Isidora Nikolić. In addition, the guest lectures at the winter Design Seminar will be held by some of the members of the Nova Iskra Creative Hub - studio Autori and Irena Kilibarda.


The lecture focusing on the work of Nova Iskra will be held by Relja Bobić, Nova Iskra’s Program Manager, in which he will reflect on the work of the design incubator with a specific focus on the processes in working with creatives and designers one one side, and partners and clients on the other. Part of the lecture will also be dedicated to design management as an important discipline used in the design process, aiming to develop functional creative strategies and mechanisms.


The lecture will be held at the Scientific Reaserch Center Petnica, as a part of the Design Seminar, on Friday, February 27th.