Participate in the workshop by Samir Alj Failt (Sweden)

Nova Iskra has the pleasure to host another prominent guest from Sweden. After the successful realiation of Mia Cullin’s workshop last summer, this year's guest is a designer with a strong focus on social engagement and work with the youth and craft skills - Samir Alj Failt.


Samir is one of the founders of Design Lab Skärholmen. This laboratory is his base, inspired by childhood memories of the neighborhood of Skärholmen, the place where he grew up. Samir is working with students, scholars (9-13 years old) on Saturdays and Fridays. Together with Samir, visitors can explore a variety of materials and test their skills in the design of buildings and objects, inspired by each other, their memories and experiences of cities around Stockholm.


The workshop in Belgrade is dedicated to new, innovative rethinking of the concept of Belgrade souvenir, and is primarily intended for product designers, as well as graphic designers, illustrators and other authors who would like to expand their knowledge in the field of object design. The workshop is scheduled for June 29th and 30th at the Nova Iskra space, specifically within the Nova Iskra modelling room sponsored by Bosch.


The number of participants is limited to 12. It is required to fill in the form at the following link


All interested participants are required to send the filled-in application form to the following e-mail until Wednesday, June 26th at 12 PM, with the subject line “Radionica BG suvenir”.


Samir Alj Failt grew up in Stockholm in the seventies and has been active as an artist and designer. He has participated in numerous exhibitions around the world, and was engaged by leading museums and galleries in Sweden. He worked at the City Theater in Skärholmen and developed many projects that connect theater, music and design. Together with Carol Kindred, Artistic Director of City Theatre Skarholmen, Samir wrote a proposal for the Swedish lottery to open a design studio for high school students. The motto of Design Lab Skärholmen is the ability to express different senses and artistic languages.


Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade and the Tourist Organization of Belgrade have supported the visit of Samir Alj Failt to Nova Iskra.