Work-desk "ISKRA" resulted from the unique cooperation between Belgrade design studio ANTIPOD and domestic leader in the production of wooden and fiber plates, SIMPO ŠIK from Kuršumlija. The cooperation is realized through the NOVA ISKRA platform, which recognized Simpo Šik as a natural partner with whom it shares interest, understanding and supports the effort to, by using innovative and creative design solutions demonstrates potential of domestic producers, as well as to promote design as a tool to increase competitiveness of their future products. Worktable "ISKRA" is intended for the NOVA ISKRA working space and it is meant to be its basic and key element - we present worktable "ISKRA" by Belgrade studio Antipod.


"ISKRA" is a constitutive element of entire Designers Lab working space, an open area of 260 m2, which will be used by 18 selected members, elected via open call in February/March. The design of the table is flexible and modular, which allows its users to easily combine different work surface formations according to their various needs, which can be changed on day-to-day basis: individual work, group work, meeting with a client, guest workshop, open day, consultations and so forth. The task was to answer the specific co-working principle of the workspace, syntesizing individual and collective work, computer and manual work, creative design and detail technical documentation production, with a special table form and concept.


The worktable is designed to function both independently, and in the group with more elements. The paravanes are created to be modular and easily assembled and dissembled. They are produced in three different heights, with the application of live color-pallete. Evry user is, therefore, able to change the paravanes arrangement according to his/her own needs during one day, week or month, in accordance with the current activities. In this way, Designers Lab open space becomes playful playground of various surfaces and planes, and a funny game of opened and closed, which will be dictated by the users themselves, i.e. their needs. In this way, the table design reflects the work metodology used within NOVA ISKRA platform, with one of its main goals always being adoptable to its users, i.e. encouridging them to create and dictate its development together with managerial team standing behind the project. Design is basic, and its presence in the space is seen as discrete, thus allowing and leaving the space for personalization and customization from the users themselves.


The worktable ISKRA will be entirely produced within working facilities of Simpo Šik - Kuršumlija, in a limited series of 24 peaces. The table will not be mass (serially) produced, considering that it was designed for the specific use within DESIGNERS LAB workspace of NOVA ISKRA, and that the design from the mere beginning included wider architectural concept of entire NI space, who's authors are design studio PETOKRAKA. Table dimensions are 160 x 85 cm for 18 tables, and additional 6 with dimensions 140 x 85 for the management team which will also function on the co-working principle. Table height is 73 cm, and within table design an additional "channel" for the superficial elements as cables is anticipated. The red box positioned in the channel has a twofold function - to hide electricity access points and serve as additional shelf for drawing equipment and office elements.


Moreover, the table is the first significant achievement resulting from newly established links and cooperation between creative and production sectors within the NOVA ISKRA platform, which also demonstrates cooperation model's potential. Surely, NI wishes to implement these kind of agreements and cooperation projects with numerous other partners from both Serbia and abroad. On the micro level (limited series for specific function) the production of "ISKRA" worktable had at the same time demonstrated for the fisrt time the potential of cooperation between leading Serbian companies on one hand, and top domestic authors from the domains of furniture and interior design on the other. For both Simpo Šik company and Nova Iskra team this has been the important test for all the planned and anticipated cooperation projects, as well as for the cooperation with various other companies and creatives.