WORKDESK "ISKRA" PROTOTYPE arrived from Kuršumlija


The first concrete product resulted out of the cooperation between furniture industry creative and production sectors, worktable "ISKRA" arrived today from the production facilities of SIMPO ŠIK. Worktable "ISKRA" resulted from the cooperation between Belgrade's design studio ANTIPOD and domestic leader in the production of wood and fiber plates, SIMPO ŠIK from Kuršumlija. The cooperation is realized within NOVA ISKRA Design Incubator.


Worktable "ISKRA" will be entirely produced within Simpo Šik production facilities in Kuršumlija, in a limited edition of 24 pieces. The table will not be mass (serially) produced, considering that it was designed for the specific use within DESIGNERS LAB workspace of NOVA ISKRA, and that the design from the mere beginning included wider architectural concept of entire NI space, who's author is design studio PETOKRAKA.


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