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18 Sep 2013

Strategic cooperation between Nova Iskra and VELUX company announced

Design incubator Nova Iskra i and reknown Danish company VELUX have signed a collaboration protocol and started a strategic partnership.


The collaboration has officially and symbolically started with the implementation of VELUX windows into the roof construction of the Nova Iskra workspace. Furthermore, over the course of the coming year Nova Iskra and VELUX will organize special programs intended for architects, engineers and specialists, in the form of lectures and workshops form the field of architecture and the application of VELUX products in that process.


The VELUX group, which has factories in 11 different countries and distribution in almost 40, is one of the world’s leading brands in the global sector of construction materials. VELUX is creating a healthier life surrounding with its products, guaranteeing for sufficient daily doses of light and fresh air for millions of homes throughout the world.


VELUX is also the founder of the IVA project (International VELUX Award for Students of Architecture). The international VELUX competition for students of architecture is announced every second year and is open for students from all over the world. By affirming this open call, VELUX intends to stress the importance of daylight and its use in construction design, in line with the overall vision of the company.


As part of the umbrella theme of „Light of Tomorrow“, the competition aims to incite new approaches in which daylight, fresh air and a quality of life can be achieved by design. The competition is a challenge for students of architecture to investigate the inavoidable topic of light in architecture through dedicated team work. The open call will be announced by the end of 2013.


Nova Iskra will also announce other joint projects in collaboration with VELUX, to be realized by the end of 2014.