Create in Residence 2015

CREATE IN RESIDENCE is an international multi-disciplinary program dedicated to residential stays of Serbian authors at partner organizations in Sweden, as well as of Swedish authors in Serbia. It was initiated in 2014 by the Swedish Institute, in cooperation with Nova IskraKrokodil festival and a number of partner organizations from Sweden. After last year’s pilot program in which three designers and three writers from both Sweden and Serbia took part, as well as one comic artist (13 artists in total), the program continues this autumn. Interdisciplinary work, careful planning od each residential stay according to the participants’ needs and the specifics of the host organization are the main features of this program.


Nova Iskra is proud to announce the second open call for two-month residential stays in Sweden this autumn, intended for designers, architects and other authors or researchers active in these fields. In addition to the last year’s partners, this year the Designer in Residence program is also supported by one of largest Swedish organizations dedicated to the support of art production and residencies - IASPIS.


In 2014, 82 authors applied for the Designer in Residence open call in Serbia. The authors Nenad Dodić, Mirjana Utvić and Manja Lekić had the opportunity to spend a month each in Malmö. This year, the open call is also announced for three residential stays, but for the period of two months each, with full scholarship, travel and accommodation costs covered, as well as additional professional support. The hosts of our designers will again be some of the finest Swedish institutions and design centers - Cultural Center Stpln (, University of Malmö( and the Form/ Design Center (, while in the same period IASPIS will support the stay of two selected Swedish designers at the Nova Iskra workspace in Belgrade. Last year’s participants residing in Belgrade were the designers Sophia Lithell, Pontus Johansson and Jenny Nordberg. Program is also supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade.


Unlike last year, in 2015 there is also a thematic framework for designers from Serbia. All of the interested creatives are kindly asked to propose a project within their application that they would work on during their stay in Sweden, which should be dedicated to childrenmarginalized social groups and treatment of socially-engaged themes through the creative process. The concept of the program is still "open-end", meaning that the participants are not expected to realize or complete their projects during their stay, but to use the time spent in Sweden for the development of projects relating to these fields.


All interested designers, architects, researchers or authors can apply no later than June 7th at midnight, via an online form addition to filling the form, it is mandatory to also send a portfolio, as well as the work plan - proposal of the project that would be developed during the residential stay.