FOLKK @ Balkan Design Expo

Mikser Festival and Balkan Design Expo open their doors on Wednesday, June 8th at 8:30 PM, including the exhibition of selected brands from the region, such as Gazzda, Extraform, Prostoria, Stuff and others. The event will also present the first public presentation of the FOLKK brand, launched just a few months ago on the Serbian, regional and international markets.


FOLKK will present its complete product offer of home accesories made out of specific types of wood and high-quality domestic wool, which is handwoven in the traditional workshop in Pirot. The products are interwoven with innovative ideas of some of the most prominent designers from our region (Emir Šehanović, Tamara Švonja, Studio Antipod), who have developed successful dialogues with experienced artisans and craftsmen throughout Serbia.


On Thursday, June 9th at 7.30 pm, FOLKK will be presented by Marko Radenković, General Manager of Nova Iskra, the platform behind the development of this specific brand. During the lecture Meet FOLKK!, he will talk about the three-year process of developing the brand and the first products, the research results of the global market, as well as the specifics of the business model of FOLKK, that carries some of the key features of the social enterprise model.


FOLKK is a brand based on the unique heritage of the Balkans, but it does not stop there. The first four collections of products rely on the supreme qualities of local, natural materials and traditional skills, encountering innovative design and contemporary visual language. PLATO and TAPA are multifunctional wooden products for food serving or storing of small items, while the RESA rugs and MENT pillows carry iconic patterns that will enrich and personalize any interior. Find out more about the products here:


The social aspect of creating these products is in the heart of the FOLKK process. The brand collaborates closely with local social enterprises and small family workshops, whose existence relies on their handicraft skills. Meet them in the Designers & Makers section of the FOLKK website (, that also acts as an online store shipping worldwide.


All 27 variations of the products – if we take into account the different materials and designs - will be exhibited at the Balkan Design Expo during Mikser Festival, in the space of a Mikser House (Karađorđeva 46), every day of the festival from 11 AM to midnight. This is a unique opportunity to experience the authentic textures and feel the pleasure offered by these innovative functional objects, each one unique due to handmade method of preparation.


If you are not able to visit the Mikser Festival, the FOLKK online store is always open at Free worldwide delivery is currently in offer on the site.