Nova Iskra na Digital-Born media Carnival konferenciji u Kotoru

Nova Iskra had the pleasure to participate in the Digital-born Media Carnival, which gathered more than 100 representatives of online media, info-researchers and digital rights enthusiasts.


The event was held in Kotor from 14th to 18th July, with the aim of forming a regional platform where the latest trends in the intersection of technology and society will be presented and considered in a pleasant environment. Through a mix of interactive panels, conversations, workshops and practical trainings, leading experts have provided their vision of future challenges to freedom of expression and professionalism in online media. 


The main topics of the event were: false news, ethics, sustainability, various business models, creativity, innovative reporting, manipulation, online media market, communication control, privacy, post-truth, etc.


Nana Radenković, manager of the Nova Iskra educational platform was invited to participate in one of the workshops of the conference entitled "Collaboration" in which she presented the organizational model and process of development of our hub and demonstrate helpful tools for planning, organizing and leading a process that involves a group of people who are on the common quest - to create a positive value, good product or a functional service.