Nova Iskra na festivalu Željezara

Nova Iskra will have the pleasure to present itself at the second edition of the Željezara Festival, which will be held from June 1st to 7th at various locations in the city of Sisak, Croatia. Most of the festival program will be held in the industrial zone of the former factory (Željezara Institute), the Caprag neighborhood, as well as the surrounding public spaces.


The main goal of the Željezara Festival, founded in 2014, is to regain the status which Sisak once had - to once again become a lively place of cultural exchange and production. In the process, Željezara (steel factory) itself symbolically occupies the central place, whose expansion and addition corresponds to the period of the strongest urban development of Sisak (1955-1980).


The program of this year’s festival is artistic and activist, and a result of the year-round cooperation of festival partners, profit and non-profit organizations from the field of culture such as art organizations Nevidljivi Sisak, Miroslav Kraljević gallery, Lab 852 creative agency, KontraAkcija, the artist Marijana Crtalić and curator Nataša Kadin. During the seven festival days a number of workshops, art residencies, lectures, performances, forums, exhibitions, presentations of research studies, various thematic tours around the city as well as several musical performances will be held.


An important part of the program is the Željezara Incubator organized by LAB 852, composed of a series of lectures, open discussions, presentations of relevant regional and European examples of incubators, workshops for children, youth and adults and a quite specific musical incubator - European Music Incubator for career development of young musicians.


Nova Iskra will be presented within the program of Željezara Incuba by the Program Manager Relja Bobić, on Tuesday, June 2nd, at 7 PM.