Nova Iskra is a partner in the European Creative Hubs Network project

In December 2015, the European Commission published the results of the five selected projects that aim to develop networks of creative hubs and coworking spaces in the EU in the coming years. Projects are focused on creating and supporting a network of hubs, creative and coworking spaces for professionals and entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative sector, and Nova Iskra is one of the partners within the European Creative Hubs Network project.


The British Council will be implementing the project as an initiator and main coordinator, in cooperation with a number of partners in Europe, including Nova Iskra. In the coming years, the project will strive to strengthen the creative hubs at the European level by enhancing transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation among the partners. One of the goals of the project is to provide additional education and capacity building programs for managers, cultural and creative professionals as well as entrepreneurs. In addition to these activities, three international conferences dedicated to the creative hubs and development trends in the field of creative industries will be held, at the end of 2016 one of the conferences will be held right here in Belgrade, while the other two will be held in Athens and Porto.


In addition to British Council and Nova Iskra, the partners on the project are also the European Business and Innovation Centre Network (Belgium) Bios (Greece), Addict (Portugal), Betahaus (Germany), Creative Edinburgh (Scotland) and Factoria Cultural (Spain).