Open call for membership in the Designers Lab!



Nova Iskra is offering an entirely new way of working based on the "hub" principle, the model of informal grouping of creative individuals and teams. At the same time, we would like to respond to a growing need of local authors of younger generation for quality workspace, further education, specialization, practical work and contacts with the potential clients. 


The space of the Nova Iskra design incubator, located in Gavrila Principa street and covering 350 msq, has been entirely reconstructed according to the project of the Studio Petokraka, while its central area is taken over by 18 fully-equipped workstations - the DESIGNERS LAB. 


This open call refers to the use of this communal workspace, based on the co-working principles. It is intended for all interested young professionals ages 22 to 35, from the wide field of design (from product design and interior, over architecture to graphic design, web and other forms of visual communications), and specially to those who have a big need for a quality workspace and creative collaborations. 


A part of the capacity has been filled after our first open call published in February 2012, while the aim of this one is to fill the remaining positions, and also to form a list of interested candidates. 

Each of the workstations consists of the "Iskra" table, Samsung 24" screen, table lamp, drawers, chair and personal cupboard. Young professionals from the wide field of design will also have a chance to use all of other necessary facilities, such as the conference room, modeling area, tools, photo corner, design library, office materials and kitchen. 


The space can also accommodate programs for up to 50 participants, so all of the program realized within the space will be free of charge for the members of DESIGNERS LAB. The workstations are available at 100 EUR per month, based on a one-year contract. 


If you would like to apply, please fill in the form, which can be found here and send it by e-mail to (with the subject "Prijava za DL"), alongside your portfolio and CV.


The portfolio should have short descriptions of the projects, and notes on whether the projects have been realized or not (which does not influence the selection criteria). If there is video or other sort of documentation available, please provide us with relevant links. 


The deadline for submitting applications is January 18th 2013. We will be taking into consideration only complete applications sent to us by e-mail. 


Interested applicants will also have a chance to check out the Nova Iskra space first-hand, during our 2nd Open Day, which will be held on Friday, January 11.