Practical skills courses at Nova Iskra

During April, May and June, Nova Iskra is organizing a series of five intensive courses devoted to modern practical skills that are relevant to a large number of creative professionals, designers and entrepreneurs. Nova Iskra courses are providing the opportunity for the development of professional skills as a means of  personal development, through which individuals and teams can maximize their potential to operate in their own or other professional domains.


Nova Iskra is currently developing five courses, that will be presented over the course this spring, in cooperation with leading experts and organizations from Serbia and Slovenia. The first two courses that will be held from April to May, are dedicated to the fields of Digital fabrication and 3D printing and Crowdfunding. The first one will be led by our renowned designer Danko Radulović in cooperation with Polyhedra fablab and the Fab initiative, while the Crowdfunding course will be led by Luka Piškorič from Crowdfunding Slovenia and Poligon platforms from Ljubljana.


The courses will focus on practical work and a mentoring aproach with the students, as well as on the balance of the theoretical and practical work, with a number of exercises and simulations. In addition to numerous related activities, participants will receive a certificate at the end of the course, while at the same time they will have the opportunity to meet other individuals and initiatives that share their interests and with whom they can potentially cooperate in the future. Classes will be held on Fridays and Saturdays and the courses will last from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the topic, in the rhythm of one session per week.


The details of the courses related to Digital fabrication and 3D printing and Crowdfunding, as well as the links for the application forms can be found on the Nova Iskra website.   


All interested participants can apply by April 18th. Anyone who applys and pays the 50% of the participation fee by April 13th will receive a 10% discount!


Shortly after the first two courses the details on the next courses will be announced – Presentation Skills course (May-June) will be lead by Relja Dereta, Nova Iskra and guests, Practical aspects of entrepreneurship (May-June) will be led by Vladimir Miletić (Diary of a director blog) and Milan Trbojević (Bookworm blog), while the UI design course (June) will lead by Dragan Babić (Superawsome Agency).


The number of positions in each course is limited. To secure your place in the course, it is necessary to pay 50% of the registration fee immediately upon applying, and the remaining 50% before the start of the first session. Details about the upcoming courses and applications will be announced during the next few weeks.


For all additional information please contact Nova Iskra via e-mail or by phone 011 40 51 877.