Sustainable concepts for life and work

Nova Iskra and IKEA are joining forces to facilitate access to examples of good practice, and to encourage initiatives of awareness related to social and environmental responsibility in the process of creating your own business. The aim of the  program Sustainable concepts for life and work is to create a space for experiments, brainstorming and application of ideas related to sustainable development and green economy.


The program will encourage knowledge exchange and dynamic interaction between experts, activists and others who develop and apply sustainable concepts when taking into consideration a responsible attitude to energy savings, utilization of natural resources, food production or waste management, with a special emphasis on those that can improve life and work in urban and rural environments.


The program will be realized through a series of lectures and presentations from diverse international and reginal experts, including Irena Dobosz (Manager for Sustainability and Communications, IKEA Southeast Europe), Kristina Jazinka Nikolić (Marketing Director, Strawberry Energy), Aleksandra Vladisavljević (entrepreneurship development consultant, Bizz.doo), Sabina Kerić (co-founder of Belgrade Flower Festival and Baštalište), Tijana Mirković (Director for Internal Communications, IKEA Southeast Europe) and Dragana Tomić Pilipović (Founder of the Center for Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship - CDOP).


IKEA is a company that focuses on products for furnishing homes. It was established in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden. In 2015, the company had 375 department stores and business operations in 47 countries worldwide. IKEA Southeast Europe was established in 2008, and covers Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, as well as Romania since 2010. IKEA currently has two department stores in the region - in Bucharest and Zagreb - while three new department stores are planned to be opened soon - in Belgrade, Ljubljana, plus the second store in Bucharest.