In May 2015, Nova Iskra and the German organization for international cooperation - GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH), are initiating and developing a special program dedicated to the subject of green economy as part of the ACCESS project, through a series of lectures, workshops, gatherings of local activists, NGOs and  representatives of governmental bodies, as well as the presentation of good practice examples from Serbia and the region.


The program titled UNDERSTANDING GREEN ECONOMY aims to bring closer the concept of green economy to the general public, and through an exceptional educational program show the outlines of this broad field that is connected to a number of economic, social, technological, ecological and other segments of the society. The program is intended for creatives, activists, entrepreneurs, companies, managers, advocates, representatives of the public sector or students interested to expand their knowledge in this field, as well as to connect with relevant colleagues and stakeholders in the field of green economy.


The focus will be on the use of green economy methodologies in order to encourage positive developments regarding local communities, existing initiatives, economic indicators as well as development of micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises through the implementation of sustainable solutions in business. A special focus will be put on areas such as design and architecture, (organic) agriculture, technological innovation, renewable energy, waste management or entrepreneurship - seen through the specific prism of green economy, a concept which is still relatively unknown to our professional and the general public.


All programs will be held at Nova Iskra, with guest appearances of renowned experts from Serbia and the region, as well as participation of a number of local organizations, representatives of public institutions and other stakeholders.


The entrance to all programs is free, but we kindly ask all interested participants to register first, by filling out the following form http://tinyurl.com/razumeti-zelenu-ekonomiju.


The program Understanding Green Economy will last until May 30th, while the complete schedule of presentations, lectures and workshops, which will be organized across five program modules, will be published next week.