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Bojana Brkić


Bojana Brkić makes handmade porcelain dishes. Behind her is a road that began in 2000, when she fell in love with the art of ceramics as a student of Chinese language and literature, discovering the minimalist ideals of the beauty of the Far East, contrast and harmony of the firm and the fragile. This proved to be an excellent introduction to china work. With a lot of enthusiasm, she moved to China in 2005, but returned to Serbia after a year and worked several different jobs, and the longest as a language instructor. Throughout that period, her focus was on the meditative atmosphere of ceramic ateliers. At the beginning of 2012, she felt ready for porcelain, as the most demanding material, and for her own brand. The name it started with was Re: Art: Concept, and in October 2017 Re: Art changed its name into Boya Porcelain. All pieces are exclusively handmade, using high-quality porcelain clay and pigments purchased all over the world, mixed with glazes to get pastel or intense nuances. The whole process takes place at the studio-store, without any external production. From the moment the raw material enters Zetska 4a, it comes out exclusively as a beautiful porcelain piece.