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Braca Burazeri

Braća Burazeri

Graphic Designers

Nikola and Nenad Radojčić are graphic designers, but also brothers from Belgrade. They are active on the scene from the late 90s, as graffiti artists and members of the Big Illegal. They are professionally in the field of design since 2001, when the first DechkoTzar t-shirt was made. From 2002 to 2011 they were members of the creative team of B92, and from 2011 they are dedicated to their own studio. As freelancers, they work for many clients and creative agencies (Frikom, Samizdat B92, Fond B92, Film Center Serbia, Yugoslav Film Archive Museum, Mandarina Cake Shop, nightclubs Mladost, Radost, Ludost, Barutana, Prima Cosmetics, Telenor, Coba & Associates, Idea Plus, Ovation, Popular…) and develop DechkoTzar brand at the same time. The first DechkoTzar store was opened in 2015 in Belgrade.