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Improvised Performance

Seventh workshop within the second cycle of NELT Educational program, led by Paul Murray, was presented this month.

23 Dec


Friday, 23. dec


Paul Murray



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About the workshop

Seventh workshop within the second cycle of NELT Educational program, entitled Improvised Performance, was presented this month.The workshop was led by the British actor, director and teacher Paul Murray. The participants had the opportunity to explore the power and potential of contemporary performance in a unique way, in direct and immediate contact between the actor and the observer.

Through a series of practical exercises, the workshop provided insights into the methodologies within the field of performance art,  and it introduced techniques that can be used when developing improvisations and relationships with the audience.

From April 2016 until March 2017, NELT is organizing the second cycle of its Nelt Educational Program for students, in collaboration with Nova Iskra and Gallery 12 Hub. The aim is for the participants to develop practical skills form the domains of design and new media, through teamwork and inspiration that will empower them to turn their ideas into real projects, whose further development may be supported by NELT.

*Photography: Nemanja Knežević /


Paul Murray

Theater producer

Paul graduated with a degree in Performing Arts (Theatre and Dance) and has been working as a performance artist (in theatre, film and television) professionally since 1989. Street performance, Improvisation, clowning and theatre performances outside of theatres have been the mainstay of Paul’s work as a performer, director and workshop/project leader. His major interests include spontaneity in performance, the liminal space between performance and performing and theatre performances outside of purpose-built theatres. With an MA in Theatre and a PhD in Philosophy of Art (performance), Paul is a visiting professor at University of Arts Belgrade, University of Winchester UK and Central School of Speech and Drama, UK and has published in a number of journals and books on the subjects of Theatre, Drama and Applied Performance.  He has appeared in numerous films and TV series and has recently performed for the first time in Serbian!