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What kind of city do we want?

Fourth public lecture within the NELT Educational program will be presented by dr Iva Čukić, co-founder and member of the Ministry of Space collective.

22 Feb


Wednesday, 22. feb


Iva Čukić



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About the lecture

Fourth public lecture within the NELT Educational program will be presented by dr Iva Čukić, co-founder and member of the Ministry of Space collective, which deals with issues of city development, urban transformations and politics.

The lecture What kind of city do we want? will present activities of Ministry of Space collective, particularly those relating to the use and management of spatial resources, but also the inclusion of community in the issues of city development. In addition, the lecture will provide an overview of informal alternative practices in different political/economic contexts, as well as review of the formal policy development and effective approaches in addressing social, economic and spatial problems.

Ministry of Space is a Belgrade-based collective founded in 2011 with the aim to re-think the future of cities, in particular Belgrade. Actions taken by the organization include urban transformations of Belgrade and other cities in Serbia.

Initially, the group’s work was focused on an informal creation and defense of public space, using the DIY (do-it-yourself) philosophy. This lead to a study of different approaches on urban development, cultural practices and interventions in cities, through a series of actions, exhibitions, workshops and public discussions. Ministry of Space collects and distributes information that thematize the current model of urban development and supports social movements that do the same work in their local communities. It develops projects in collaboration with a network of researchers, activists, groups and individuals that operate in various fields such as architecture, urban planning, sociology, art and political science.

From April 2016 until March 2017, NELT is organizing the second cycle of its NELT Educational Program for students, in collaboration with Nova Iskra and Gallery 12 Hub. The aim is for the participants to develop practical skills form the domains of design and new media, through teamwork and inspiration that will empower them to turn their ideas into real projects, whose further development may be supported by NELT.



Iva Cukic

Iva Čukić


Iva Čukić graduated and received her PhD at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. Focuses of her research include the meeting points of public space, do-it-yourself philosophy, self-organization and spatial-cultural discourse. Since 2010, she is the co-founder and member of the Ministry of Space. Iva was engaged at the Urban Planning department at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade as an associate and visiting lecturer. She deals with professional practices in which she participated on producing a number of professional projects, researches, workshops and seminars, local and international exhibitions.