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26 Apr 2018

NELT wins the VIRTUS philanthropy award  

Nelt received the Trag Fondacija VIRTUS Award for a long-term partnership between the business and non-profit sector for the Nelt Educational Program (NEP). Neltu Educatonal program is finishing its 3rd cycle in cooperation with Nova Iskra and Gallery 12HUB. The award-winning program enables students to gain new knowledge and experience through innovative lectures and mentoring within many innovative projects.

Within the third cycle of NEP 25 selected students have the opportunity to develop practical skills in the fields of creativity and entrepreneurship, as well as to expend their knowledge in critical thinking, team work and project development. From economy and entrepreneurship, critical theory, activism and cultural management to dramatic arts, design and new technologies, students will go through a unique experience which this year takes place under the slogan “THINK FUTURE!”. Reflecting on contemporary concepts and preparing young participants for their future career paths is at the heart of this program.

As part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, Nelt is particularly focused on investing in the young generation because we understand the importance of education, but also the real conditions in which we as a society find ourselves. Empowering young people and enabling them to experience diverse perspectives of technology, culture, art and business through an interdisciplinary program are the basis on which this project is based. Our cooperation with G12 HUB and Nova Iskra is extremely important to us and therefore we are very happy that we received the VIRTUS Award in the category of cooperation. Nelt’s educational program has confirmed that it is possible to engage young people and create means for their creative and professional self-realization in Serbia, “said Nebojša Šaponjić, one of the founders of Nelt.

After the two completed cycles and the third one ongoing, the partnership is continually developing with the goal of optimizing and continuing the cooperation and the programs.

”This unique partnership between our company and civil society organizations has confirmed for years that it is possible even in Serbia to provide young people with a means for their creative and professional self-realization “- said Marko Milanković, Communications Manager of Nelt Group, a company that for years invested in the development and education of young people in our society.

So far, more than 80 young people have participated in this program, the participants assessed the program as a significant instance in their education, giving them the opportunity to better understand the business and social environment in the country.

Thanks to this program, mutual communication and cooperation between educational institutions and a platform for the realization of joint projects among students of different faculties was established.

NEP will continue to develop and grow in cooperation with all partners for the next 5 years.