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NEP3 Excursion: Macura Museum & Zenit4

A group visit to unique spaces in Novi Banovci and Stari Banovci has been organized for the participants of the NELT Educational Program.

23 Jun


Saturday, 23. jun





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Macura Museum 


Closed event

About the workshop

Located on the outskirts of Belgrade, in Novi and Stari Banovci, Macura Museum and the Warehouse Macura keep the collection of their founder Vladimir Macura.

This still-emerging collection allows the visitors to get better insight into art practice of Zenitism, Yugo-dada, Middle European Avant-Gardes, Russian and Polish Constructivism, Belgrade Surrealism, Gorgona, Viennese Actionism…

In addition, these venues are used for workshops and performances of local, regional, and international artists active in the domain of contemporary visual art.

In addition to attending the exhibition and performances of international artists such as Boris Hoppek and Jon Tsoi, the participants were granted the opportunity to take part in an interactive workshop on Fundraising and different Fundraising techniques used for project ideas and entrepreneurial strategies.

The NELT Company organizes the third cycle of the NELT Educational Program aimed to students, in a collaboration with Nova Iskra and Gallery 12 Hub. Within the third cycle of NEP, 25 selected students will have an opportunity to develop their practical skills from the field of creativity and entrepreneurship, but also to spread their views about critical thinking, teamwork, project development. The trainees will participate in the unique experience of collaboration and knowledge, this year under the slogan THINK FUTURE!