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17 Sep 2019

Nova Iskra Workspace powered by Rent24 opened its new location in Belgrade


Nova Iskra Workspace powered by Rent24, the leading coworking provider in Serbia, has officially opened its third location last Thursday in Belgrade – Upper Dorćol district, in the Cara Uroša 18th Street.

On more than 1.200 sqm the community of 130 people, among whom are freelancers, but also established companies from different backgrounds in IT as well as creative industries, have found their perfect workspace. 

Our newest Nova Iskra Workspace location expands on several levels and incorporates a multifunctional event space, suitable for different events and meet-ups. This new event space concept is completely isolated from the working areas and designed to provide a unique experience for up to 80 guests with a cinema-like seating area. The whole presentation area is equipped with state of the art technical equipment and available to rent for different kind of events.

In addition, highlights of the Dorćol location are conference rooms, “open space” work areas, private offices, relaxation and fun areas, a rooftop terrace, and a unique urban garden in the reception area. This location will be the first coworking space in Belgrade with an accompanying restaurant and bar.

In September 2018, Nova Iskra Workspace became part of Rent24’s international network, a global coworking and coliving provider, whose portfolio currently boasts around 60 locations across three continents.

Marko Radenković, founder and general manager of Nova Iskra, says that with the opening of the Dorćol location, Nova Iskra Workspace stepped up when it comes to the features that coworking spaces have to offer. He also said that Nova Iskra Workspace looked for the right partner to share their vision of growth and development, and now, together with rent24, Nova Iskra Workspace is able to realize their vision, and the new Dorćol location is just the beginning. 

Robert Bukvić, founder and CEO of Rent24, adds: “It’s not without reason that Belgrade is perceived as the new ‘Silicon Serbia’ and that Rent24 has the pleasure to further strengthen that image with new coworking space and drive innovation.” He also expressed his personal joy about the opening of the location in Dorćol, saying that the Balkan region has developed strongly in recent years and that Rent24 is proud to be part of that positive process.

The cocktail event gathered numerous invitees and a lot of media representatives.