Designer in Residence – Jenny Nordberg

This month, the third guest of Designer in Residence program – the Swedish designer Jenny Nordberg - arrived to Nova Iskra, where she will work and get acquainted with the local design scene and culture over the course of one month. Jenny is an industrial designer who mainly works with assignments and questions concerning production and consumption. All costs of the stay, as well as stipendium, workspace and professional support of the host organization are provided by the program, kindly supported by the Swedish Institute and realized in collaboration with several partners from Sweden.  


Jenny Nordberg is an industrial designer based in Malmö. Her work is exploratory and trans boundary and can have outcomes that varies from experimental and conceptual to commercial. Jenny works in various domains of applied arts including concept design, product design, production design, experimental design, idea generation and strategic development. In her work she often examines how different properties from the handmade and mass produced can be combined.


One of the main objectives for Jenny Nordberg as a designer is to expand the role of the designer. Her work is carried out through her own practice which are often experimental, investigative and craft oriented projects as well as through teaching at various design and architect schools and also through client assignments – often concerning strategic development or sustainable design, production and consumption. She is also one of four partners in Mines Above Ground, a recycling company focusing on the benefits of cyclic material flows. From 2013-2014 Jenny was running the one-year project Center of Commerce (COC). She cooperated with Acne Jr, Art Lab Gnesta, Form/Design Center, Yalla Trappan, IASPIS, H+ the city of Helsingborg, Lund University Architect Shool, Linnéaus University Design Programme, Malmö City Planning Office, ISU the city of Malmö / Malmö University, White Architects, Lund University Industrial Design Programme and other partners and clients.


Jenny Nordberg is the last of three visiting guests from Sweden at Nova Iskra. Previous to her stay, Nova Iskra hosted Pontus Johansson in October and Sophia Litlhell in November.


Create in Residence is a platform through which the residency format itself is placed in a different context by developing a new model of cooperation that can be applied in other creative fields and geographic areas. Designer In Residence program is part of the pilot project of this platform realized in 2014.