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Audience Development





Creative Europe Desk Serbia


Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia


Project Coordinator

Relja Bobić


Audience development is an educational project, a month-long course for representatives of civil society organizations and public institutions from the field culture, as well as individual professionals. The focus is on those who are recognizing that new skills and insights are needed to successfully operate, i.e. reassess and improve their communication strategies towards the public, both in terms of presentation of programs and continuous rejuvenation and access to new audiences, as well as nurturing the existing audience.

The aim of the course is to improve the practical knowledge and skills of representatives of organizations and institutions that are related to issues of audience development – in terms of presentation skills and the use of diverse communication tools, but also by reflecting on the communications approach for specific projects. The project contributes to strengthening the capacities of cultural institutions through professionalization of employees.


The course discussed the articulation and reflection of the vision, mission and goals of an organization or a particular project, introduced the concepts of strategic and integrated communications, presented new ways of targeting specific groups, visual communications and total design (at the institutional/project level), as well as practical tools and approaches for the use of social networks and online communities in order to popularize projects and seek specific target groups.

Audience Development is one of the central themes of the “Creative Europe” program of the European Union, and thus the cooperation with the Creative Europe Desk Serbia was logical.


The lectures were presented by Nana Radenković (Nova Iskra), Relja Dereta, Slobodan Jovanović (Coba & Associates) and Neda Šorak (Sunny Digital). Beside the lectures of our prominent experts, examples of good practices were also presented – Ljiljana Ilić (Centre for Promotion of Science) and Aleksandra Ninković Tašić (exhibition Pupin).

Participation in the program was free, while the course was held at the premises of Kolarac, and communicated directly to cultural institutions, as well as the wider professional audience. Over 100 applications were received.

What is the next step?

After the realization of the project, a webinar was also published with video footage of all relevant lectures held as part of the course. Through this webinar, educational resources on the topic of audience development will be permanently available to the public, as a valuable contribution to the professional development and education in the field of culture.

All lectures in integral form are available on Nova Iskra’s Vimeo profile (Serbian language only):

Nana Radenković

Relja Dereta

Slobodan Jovanović

Ljiljana Ilić  –

Aleksandra Ninković Tašić

Neda Šorak


Our organization continues to be involved with this topic and develops specific trainings and courses according to demand, for specific groups of professionals, customizing the treatment of this topic to certain professional areas that all deal with audiences in one way or another.