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Civic Activism in the Culture

Activities of the Association Independent Culture Scene of Serbia has been presented to the participants of the Nelt Educational Program.

31 May


Thursday, 31. may



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About the presentation

Through presentation and discussion, the participants of the third cycle of NEP received insights into the practices and working methods of this network of organizations, which realizes and exchanges programs in Serbia and abroad, runs activities of strengthening own capacities and capacities of its members. It also strives also to promote the development of the innovative and critical artistic practices through a dialog with policy makers, as well as to contribute to the decentralization of culture in Serbia, and support regional cultural collaboration across Southeast Europe.

Some of the goals of the ICSS Association are to develop innovative, critical and experimental art and cultural production; impact the formulation and implementation of cultural policies in Serbia at national, and local levels and to impact the formulation and implementation of other related public policies; as well as international cultural cooperation development, especially cultural cooperation in Southeast Europe.

The NELT Company organizes the third cycle of the NELT Educational Program aimed to students, in a collaboration with Nova Iskra and Gallery 12 Hub. Within the third cycle of NEP, 25 selected students will have an opportunity to develop their practical skills from the field of creativity and entrepreneurship, but also to spread their views about critical thinking, teamwork, project development. The trainees will participate in the unique experience of collaboration and knowledge, this year under the slogan THINK FUTURE!


Luka Knežević Strika

Photographer / President of the Management Board of the ICSS

Freelance photographer based in Belgrade, specialized in documentary photography. He worked for Exit Festival, Share, Mikser, Dis-patch festival and also for the Museum Night, Festival of Science, CSR Business Forum and other institutions. In his free time, he uses energy and photography for his personal projects, but also to work with the Belgrade Raw collective. He exhibited independently, but also with the collective in Serbia, Montenegro, Austria, Germany and Sweden. He is one of the drivers of the Pohvala Prize, awarded to the individuals for contribution of the contemporary visual art here. The prize consists of a monetary amount collected in various a(u)ctions or donations initiated by all of the interested. The purpose of launching this prize is desire to draw attention to the various of good practices in artistic scene development: personal contributions, significant ideas, ventures, movements, new value criteria, specialty and innovation.


He is currently the president of the Management Board in Independent Culture Scene in Serbia organization, the associations of the organizations, initiatives and individuals in the field of culture and art in Serbia, which realizes and exchanges programs in Serbia and abroad, activities of strengthening own capacities and capacities of its members, but also through the dialog with the policy makers, striving to promote the development of the innovative and critical artistic practices, to affect on culture politics in Serbia, as well as all the other politics that are connected to the culture politics, and to contribute the culture decentralization in Serbia and establishment of the regional culture collaboration in Southeast Europe.