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Collab 4 HySust CCI: Hybrid Horizons: Cultivating Creativity and Audience Engagement

Join us for the third Collab4HySust CCI event – an international knowledge-sharing hybrid event.

Event Details:

Date: May 10, 2024
Location: Nova Iskra Dorćol, Belgrade, Serbia, and Online
Registration until May 5.

10 May


Friday, 10. may




10 am - 6 pmh

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Free with registration

About the presentation

Hybrid Horizons: Cultivating Creativity and Audience Engagement event will feature engaging sessions led by international mentors and professionals from the cultural and creative industries. The mentors leading sessions and sharing their expertise are Jovana Tomić (, RS), Ivana Stančić (Smart kolektiv, RS), and Viktoria Draganova (Swimming Pool, BG).
Covered topics will include strategies for communication in digital and hybrid environments, as well as crafting communication strategies for art interventions. The event will also include workshops and provide insights into 15 selected innovative project pilots from Collab 4 HySust CCI.

This event is open to creative and cultural workers, groups, and businesses in the arts and creative fields.

About Collab 4 HySust CCI:

Collab4HySust CCI is an initiative aimed at fostering partnerships and networking opportunities among professionals in the cultural and creative industries. Through collaborative efforts, the project aims to promote sustainability and innovation within these sectors. Collab 4 Hy Sust CCI is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU and the National “Culture” Fund of Bulgaria, also supported by Plovdiv municipality as an associated partner.

Project Partners:

Materahub, Italy
Intercultura Consult, Bulgaria
Syn+ Ergasia, Greece
The Flying Theatre, Denmark
Nova Iskra Creative Hub, Serbia