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Conference: Networking to change

Recognizing the need for changes, as a response to social, technological and ecological reality, the participants of the 4th generation of Nelt Educational Program (NEP) are inviting you to the final event of the cycle.

27 Sep

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27 Sep

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What is it about?

The bearers of future development of our society (a group of 23 students from 12 different faculties from Belgrade and Novi Sad) had the opportunity to create, organize and moderate panel discussions dedicated to the topics they found most relevant and interesting:

Networking: A possibility of interdisciplinary collaboration in the digital and physical world

Small, ecological steps lead to collaboration

Could informal education fill the cracks of formal education and how?

The goal is to contribute to the development of democratic freedom and responsibility, which will make the process of raising awareness equally inspiring for everyone. 

If you are interested in finding solutions for these social challenges as well as they are, feel free to join.

The conference is, as a final common activity of the participants, encompassing their one-year program of education. The open call for the next cycle will be announced at the event. With equal enthusiasm, The Nelt Company, Nova Iskra and Gallery 12HUB, as initiators and creators of the Nelt Educational Program, are entering a new adventure of the fifth year of development, experimenting and learning to continue building a community of curious and brave individuals that are responsible and ready to fight for a better future.

The Nelt Company organizes the fourth cycle of the Nelt educational Program, aimed at students, in collaboration with Nova Iskra and Gallery 12HUB. Within the fourth cycle of NEP, 27 selected students will have an opportunity to develop their practical skills from the field of creativity and entrepreneurship, but also to spread their views about critical thinking, teamwork and project development. The trainees will participate in the unique experience of collaboration and knowledge, this year under the slogan THE OTHER SIDE OF KNOWLEDGE!


Who is it for?

Nelt Educational Program (NEP), as an experimental, interdisciplinary, educational program aimed at students from different faculties in Serbia, had realized 4 cycles so far, with four generations of participants which number is over 90 young people today. Activities, initiatives and professional carriers of the alumni could testify about the importance of the program which connects different disciplines, continuously asking questions, encourages critical capacity and empowers various skills of young people, that are ignored within the official study programs. 

Created as a horizontal platform of exchange of knowledge and ideas, the program stands as opposed to the hierarchical logic of the professor – student relationship, where the frame of the program consists of meetings, discussions and exchange with scientists and professionals active in different fields from economy, IT industry, ecology, science, urbanism, contemporary art, design, theater and performance, to entrepreneurship and business. 

What's in it for me?

1st Panel discussion


Networking: A possibility of interdisciplinary collaboration in digital and physical world

According to the increasing needs of young people for cooperation, not only within institutions, we are searching for a solution that will connect professionals and students from different backgrounds in teams that suit their needs and talk about the impact of trans media storytelling in our everyday life. 

Panel participants:

Mirko Stojković – founder of the Interactive Arts Laboratory and the head of the chair of dramaturgy at the Faculty of Drama Arts

Slobodanka Šibalić – curator at the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade

Uroš Krčadinac – Professor of the Digital Arts at the Faculty of Media and Communications

Moderator: Hristina Mićić, student of dramaturgy at the Faculty of Drama Arts


2nd Panel discussion


Small ecological steps lead to collaboration

During these global events, such as the UN Climate Change Youth Summit, young people are taking the lead into initiatives to save our environment. In an ecologically underdeveloped environment like ours, this panel has the opportunity to promote domestic ecological initiatives, so the question of the visibility of this activism is a question that has to be asked: how potential participants could be informed about those movements that he wants to join or support? How a common problem opens a possibility to create a collaboration among organizations that are dealing with these topics?

Panel Participants:

Marija Babić, Ekostar Pak

Marija Ristić, Ecohub

Dunja Jovanović, Ffm podcast

Milica Damnjanović Zantvoort, Climate Strike Belgrade

Moderator: Sonja Trajković, Faculty of Architecture


BREAK 17:45h – 18h


3rd Panel discussion

Could informal education fill the cracks of formal education and how?

It seems that different reactions in society caused by the unsuitable system of formal education are even more frequent. The alternative ways of education, as one of those reactions, are making up for the deficiency of this system. The panel will be discussing the necessity of that approach in quality education of individuals and will show some examples of good practice.

Panel participants:

Tinde Kovač Cerović –  Faculty of Philosophy, Psychology department Slobodanka Arsić – Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Spedcial Education and Rehabilitation 

Slobodanka Antić – Assistant Professor at the course Pedagogical Psychology at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation and at the same course at the Pedagogy department at the Faculty of Philosophy 

Vera Večanski – Artist and Assistant Professor at the Teacher Education Faculty 

Marko Milanković –Communications Manager at the Nelt Company, one of the initiators of the Nelt Educational Program 

Moderator: Kristina Armuš, Faculty of Philosophy – Art History