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10 Mar 2020

“Creative FLIP” project releases results of the second round of P2P exchange program


The second round of P2P exchange program, which implies the hosting of creative hub representatives and their community members at other European or Mediterranean hubs, will include 30 exchanges that have met the open call criteria. The creative hub peer-to-peer (P2P) program is designed to share the best practices and transfer knowledge, by connecting creative hubs and the education sector. Each of the exchanges lasts 4-5 days and ends with an educational event that the hosting and visiting hubs collaboratively realize.

A total of 72 applications were received, of which 66 were eligible for evaluation (45 applications for the visiting hub role and 21 applications for the hosting hub role). Selected applications that did not find the appropriate “hosting” hab will be contacted directly in the coming days and linked to the hosts that have applied for that role.

As part of this competition, Nova Iskra has proposed to connect with CRU Cowork in Porto, while Milan-based hub BASE has proposed a visit to Nova Iskra. Both applications were shortlisted and were selected for implementation during May and June of this year.

The “Creative FLIP” project is run by the Goethe Institute in Brussels, while the European Creative Hubs Network is a member of the project consortium. The project is co-financed by the European Union. For more information, please visit

Update: Due to the new developments around the COVID-19 situation, the entire P2P exchange program has been postponed until further notice. We will publish any new updates in due time.