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Danko Radulović


Interior and furniture designer. He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. As a French Embassy scholar, he finished his Master studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris, where he specialized in digital media, 3D printing and other forms of digital fabrication. He is currently collaborating with Polyhedra, a fablab in-the-making that is also dedicated to fostering the local scene of digital fabrication at large, by organizing meet-ups and expert teams, free use of equipment and collaborations with other scientific and technological organizations focused on innovation. He also cooperates with the Fabln organization and the scientific research lab Petnica on the project specially created for high school students, called FabLab Petnica. Danko Radulović is also a member of the Nova Iskra Creative Hub and one of the most active advocates and practitioners of digital fabrication in Serbia.