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eSports in Serbia – eSports ecosystem and professional gamers’ stories

Nova Iskra announces the first panel within FTW! Gaming Hub program, this month dedicated to eSports, in collaboration with Peak eSports team.


14 Jun


Thursday, 14. jun





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About the panel

Electronic sports, or more simply eSports, is one of the biggest phenomenons of today. eSports is a type of competition in video games on a professional level, using computers or consoles. Fast-growing eSports and “competitive gaming” scene was the main focus of this industry in 2017, but also in 2018, with great indications of further growth.

Do gaming and the eSports industry have a chance to survive in Serbia or not – find out from our distinguished participants. After the panel, you will have the opportunity to pose questions during the discussion, and to get to know them more. This public discussion, organized by Nova Iskra in collaboration with Peak eSports, is aimed at everyone who would like to learn more about eSports, how it works, how it looks like being a professional gamer, as well as how to become one of them. We would like to strengthen the collective awareness about eSports, break taboos and bring professional gaming closer to the general public.

Our guests are recognizable personas on the scene, already active for some long time: Minja Kefer and Ognjen Kutlača [Peak eSports], Stefan “Stefanotti” Petrović [Pro CS: GO player, currently playing for Peak eSports], Viktor “Buktop” Knežević [Ex Pro Dota 2 player, Certified Personal Trainer, Owner at LVLUP Barcraft & e-sport club] and Đorđe Đurđev [Fortuna eSports]. They are certainly among the pioneers of eSports in Serbia, which is still very much in progress in this region.

Do not miss the opportunity to find out all about eSports in Serbia – its potentials, but also the flaws.

Peak eSports is an organization with headquarters in Novi Sad, focused on eSport development in region, as well as beyond, creating and leading teams into competitive gaming tournaments and organizing different events. The organization has five members in the management team, as well as three teams playing Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. By this time, Peak eSpors has brilliant success and can proudly say that their teams are already known to the community.

Besides the continued presence in online tournaments, the teams participated in several ”lan” tournaments,not only in Serbia but also in a big gaming fair held in Zagreb (Reboot Infogamer), and our equivalent Gamescon in Belgrade. Recent successes of Peak eSports include second place on USF Gaming Fair event, organized by Student Union of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, where a lot of great teams participated, among others the eSport fraction of the famous Red Star, and also the third place within competition named LSL.


Last December, creative hub Nova Iskra launched a special program cycle dedicated to the gaming industry, entitled FTW! Gaming Hub. Every month, interesting and inspiring lectures will be presented to a wide audience and young professionals, as well as those interested in entering professional gaming. The topics will include various aspects of this fast-growing industry, which has been experiencing great expansion in our region for the past several years.