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Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade

Project Coordinator

Balša Đuković


Folkk is a Belgrade based social business that connects masters of crafts with young designers in the Balkans with the aim to create together products of the highest quality.

Folkk is committed to sustainable production processes, using 100% of local materials, and providing fair compensation to everyone involved in production.

The mission of Folkk is to preserve the traditions and skills of craftsmen from different regions of the Balkans, as well as to provide local products with global visibility through online platform. Launched in 2016, Folkk brand has emerged as one of the first social enterprises of this type in the region, with the aim to empower and support small producers and craftsmen.



Due to dynamic changes that have been taking place in the process of Serbia’s recent economic and social development, many traditional craftsmen from the region struggle to find their place in the global mass-production market, and are thus deprived of their livelihood. The original craftsmen in European village communities were blacksmiths and millers – people who were  working full time on their craft, and thus had no time to take part in the ordinary village jobs, such as production of food or other resources.


Folkk’s aim is the transformation of entire rural communities, dealing with each and every craftsman. It is evident that there is the need to provide a stable income and increase their security and confidence when it comes to their profession, but also the way of life.


Nova Iskra empowers creators and helps the development of new or strengthening of existing businesses through an approach based on people involved in the process and implementing design thinking and human centered methodology. This process includes educational programs, linking professionals, mentoring and creating new initiatives such as Folkk.


Folkk products are high-quality, designed items for home and everyday life, such as carpets, pillows and multifunctional wooden plates for serving food. Folkk’s unique approach is reflected in linking the long carpenter tradition and hand weaving skills in Serbia, with some of the most prominent designers in the region. Folkk is committed to sustainable production processes, using 100% of local materials, and providing fair compensation to everyone involved in a line of creating a product.

What is the next step?

Folkk is dedicated to the transformation of entire rural communities, and to selling local products of our craftsmen and masters to the global audience, increasing revenues and guaranteeing the security of their work.


The new Serbian brand is focused on finding and involving more and more craftsmen across the Balkans and the development of new products. The company continues to actively seek partners and potential investors to help it win the world market.