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From Design to Fabrication

Lecture by Vesna Stojaković and Bojan Tepavčević, lecturers at the the Faculty of technical sciences in Novi Sad and the Digital Design Center.

8 Jun


Thursday, 8. jun



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About the lecture

Nova Iskra has the pleasure to present the lecture by Vesna Stojaković and Bojan Tepačević, lecturers at the Faculty of technical sciences in Novi Sad, also active at the Digital Design Center.

Within the lecture From Design to Fabrication: Parametric Design and CNC Fabrication, Vesna Stojakovic and Bojan Tepavčević will strive to bring us closer to using modern digital tools for generating unusual, new design solutions. Although complex and unusual design solutions are often associated with complicated design, by using modern technologies they can be easily and efficiently made from economical and widely available products, such as panels based on materials made of wood, metal, plastic or glass. During the lecture, the focus will be on creating complex shapes of the mentioned materials.

Digital Design Center was established in 2014 at the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Novi Sad, and is dedicated to the development, research and application of modern technologies in architecture, urban planning and design.

The aim of this center is to study, define and solve current problems in architecture, with a focus on digital fabrication and production, 3D modeling, robotics, architectural geometry, digitization and visualization, programming and other related approaches.


Vesna Stojaković


Vesna Stojaković graduated in 2004 and received her doctorate in 2011 from the field of architecture. She has been employed at FTN in Novi Sad since 2005. Currently, she is an associate professor at the Department of Architecture. She teaches in the field of digital tools in architecture and design - architectural geometries, computer graphics, architectural visualizations and fabrication in architecture. She has authored more than 50 scientific papers and has participated in many art and science projects from this field.

Bojan Tepavčević


Bojan Tepavčević is an associate professor at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at FTN in Novi Sad. He lectured as a visiting professor at the Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand in 2014, and at the faculty in Novi Sad he teaches a number of subjects from the field of application of digital technologies and the development of physical models in architecture and art. He is the author of numerous scientific papers as well as several books in Serbian and English. He participated in several projects and exhibitions of international character with works from the mentioned field.