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26 Dec 2016

Launch of the second issue of Zent magazine

The long-awaited second issue of the magazine Zent concentrates on the topic Work, and will be presented on December 30th at 7 PM at Polet (Cetinjska 15),  here you will also be able to purchase it at a promo price of 500 RSD!


Zent, magazine that offers “an extra-ordinary reflection of the present”, brings more than 20 works in its second issue – theoretical texts, prose, poetry and visual art contributions and artistic projects that deals with the theme of work in a variety of ways – its contextualization in contemporary conditions, as well as its transformation that we are currently witnessing.


Visual artist and architect Milorad Mladenović and musician and director Luka Papić (aka Mangulica FM) will speak at the launch event, moderated by editor Maja Kantar and Aleksandra Savanović. After the talks – socializing!


Today when the State itself is telling us that we are lazy and that we should as early as children be prepared to be thrown into the cruel global market, today when everything from TV programmes and lifestyle magazines to university professors instructs us that we can’t work unless we adjust our behaviour, change our attitudes and fill-up our CVs with unpaid internships, today when we are not only obliged to work but should also love it, when we must be cheerful and happy at our workplaces, today when commercial success is the only measure of achievement and failure to succeed exclusively our own fault, today when education is reduced to job training, when leisure has become productive, when human relation and interaction has been commodified, today when the leftovers of the workers cult of the former social (socialist) state are increasingly transformed into the cult of work as such, in this post-socialist desert, the question what is work, and what is labour, as well as how, why and under what conditions we work, stands above us like some sort of giant neon billboard standing on top of a residential building.


We who live in these buildings, in our parents’ apartments, renting someone else’s apartments that we can no longer afford, in apartments we paid with debt for, we for whom the loss of a job means the loss of basic means for survival, wonder what the hell can we at all do?


Authors whose works are published in this issue are: Velimir Andrejević, Franco  Bifo Berardi, Jean Dreager, Ana Filipović, Sofia Gavrilović, David Greaber, Peter Handke, Ljiljana Ilić, Uroš Jovanović, Maja Kantar, Marija Marić, Tomislav Osmanli, Andrea Palašti, Dušan Perić, Jana Rastegorac Vukomanović, Miroslav Ružica, Aleksandra Savanović, Dean Spade, Borislav Stanić, Vladimir Stanković, Mladen Stilinović, Bojan Vasić and others.


Second issue of Zent will be available for purchase at the promo price of 500 RSD from 7 until 10 PM, while free shipping offer for orders made on the site will be valid until the end of February.