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14 Mar 2016


Over the past two years, the brand FOLKK was being developed within Nova Iskra in a process that included contributions from designers coming from all over the Balkans, as well as the careful mapping of manufacturers and social enterprises throughout Serbia. FOLKK is gathering designers, craftsmen, design managers and creative directors with an ambitious aspiration to achieve results on the global market, and thus test and set new models of quality and sustainability.


Today, FOLK is no longer a project, but a fully developed design brand, present on the market since just a few days. FOLKK is based on the unique cultural heritage and wealth of natural materials from our immediate environment. The brand strives to create new value through providing sustainability through this specific business model in which collaboration between artisans and small producers on one side, and designers on the other, can provide visually impressive, functional and innovative products that will reach customers around the world. Folkk also supports the livelihood of a number of families in Serbia, whose members are involved in different stages of the production process, in which several remote workshops may be cooperating.


The first two lines of homeware products are underlined by innovative ideas of some of most prominent designers from the region, who developed fruitful collaborations with experienced artisans and craftsmen from across Serbia. The hand-woven trails called RESA, as well as the MENT pillows made with the same technique, are rooted in the renowned handweaving legacy of the town of Pirot, the Serbian cradle of this dying craft. These FOLKK creations are also made there, on the same looms that are being used for centuries. Their singularity comes from five striking pattern designs contributed by Emir Šehanović.


TAPA boards and PLATO plates for are the creations of Milan Blagojević, a skillful and dedicated carpenter who developed fruitful dialogues with Belgrade-based product designers Tamara Švonja and Studio Antipod. Out of these dialogues came two simple wooden food-serving objects that let the material tell the story.


FOLKK offers its products throughout the world via its website, while at the same time expanding its network of distributors and physical stores, with a primary focus on Western Europe and North America. FOLKK website was designed Peter Gregson Studio from Novi Sad, who were also responsible for the entire visual identity and packaging design. The website also acts as an online store with 27 products on offer, if all the variations of designs and materials are taken into account.


FOLKK is developed with the initial support from the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, and the help of BOOST Global Innovation AS.


Let FOLKK enter your everyday!