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MINIPOGON: Art and Design in Social and Ecological Context

The second public lecture within the fourth cycle of the Nelt educational program will present the MINIPOGON initiative – an informal work collective and an experimental production plant.

19 Apr


Friday, 19. apr


Vahida Ramujkić



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Nova Iskra



About the presentation

Minipogon was initiated in 2017 with the idea of analyzing and creating nonhierarchic forms of work organization and knowledge distribution which could lead to economic equality.

The members of Minipogon make their own means of production (machines for recycling plastic), gather raw materials, design products, launch them to the market, while jointly managing the entire work process through frequent discussions and brainstorming.

Choosing to act on the margins of dominant production values, Minipogon works with all the elements considered redundant or useless in capital reproduction (the ranks which Minipogon counts itself among) – plastic waste, in physical sense, and in social sense – marginalized social groups cast out from the labor market (unemployed, migrants, etc). Going from there, Minipogon builds new relations and new values opposing those imposed in capitalism.

The lecture will explore the subject of the relations of manual and intellectual work, experiences in teamwork organization, values, social and economic equality, as well as the role of art and design in social and ecological context.

The Nelt company organizes the fourth cycle of the Nelt educational program aimed at students, in collaboration with Nova Iskra and 12 HUB Gallery. Within the fourth cycle of NEP, 27 selected students will have the opportunity to develop practical skills in the domains of creativity and entrepreneurship, in addition to broadening their horizons regarding critical thinking, teamwork, and product development. The participants will partake in a unique experience of collaboration and learning, which this year goes under the slogan THE OTHER SIDE OF KNOWLEDGE!


Vahida Ramujkic

Vahida Ramujkić


Working in visual art and activism for years, Vahida Ramujkić takes interest in social relations and relations with material surroundings, creating conditions for designing new methodologies for team learning and teamwork. Therefore, she often acts within a collective (Rotor, Barcelona, 2001 - 2007;, transnacionalno, since 2012, ReEX, since 2015, Minipogon, since 2017, etc) and allows her work to mature and evolve through long-term research projects such as Disputed Histories library and Documentary Embroidery.