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4 Nov 2019

Nova Iskra and European Creative Hubs Network at the Creative Forum Ljubljana


From November 12th to 15th, the city of Ljubljana will host the Creative Forum Ljubljana, which will bring together established and emerging creative entrepreneurs and hubs across the Mediterranean region. European Creative Hubs Network and Nova Iskra will be included in a special program aimed at hubs, and for the first time will be joined by hubs from countries such as Egypt, Israel, Algeria, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria Tunisia, Mauritania, Jordan and Morocco.

Creative Forum Ljubljana is organized by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Union for the Mediterranean. The Forum is a unique platform that connects the Southern Mediterranean and the Western Balkans through creativity. It will provide capacity building, networking, as well as space for discussion and review of policies related to the realm of creativity and the creative industries. The forum is intended to be an advocate and catalyst for policy changes that would create a conducive environment for the cultural and creative sectors at the regional level, the Mediterranean cultural space.

In its first edition in April 2018, the Forum reviewed the regional situation in the cultural and creative sectors, while this year it will lay the groundwork for joint action. Titled Creative Capital United, it is a call to unite forces – regionally and sectorally – from education to economy and policymaking.

The forum will provide an opportunity to connect with policymakers and creative communities from as many as twenty countries! It will bring together representatives of creative communities from countries such as Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Montenegro, Morocco, Northern Macedonia, Palestine, Serbia, Slovenia, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey.

European Creative Hubs Network, the first and only European creative hub network active since 2016, will, together with the conference organizers, implement a special program for hubs on Wednesday, November 13th, with a focus on program development of creative hubs, the position of creative workers and policy models and funding related to hubs. Within this program, Nova Iskra will deliver a workshop dedicated to the program development of creative hubs, while the entire event will be held at the space of the first Slovenian creative hub, Poligon.