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18 Jun 2019

Nova Iskra at WebizEdu in Novi Sad

This year’s WebizEdu conference taking place from June 7th to 9th in Novi Sad had Nova Iskra’s representatives participating in two program units. Kristijan Šujević, co-founder and manager of Nova Iskra Studio gave a lecture How design thinking can be helpful in the digital transformation of an organization, while co-founder and manager of the program Nana Radenković took part in a panel How to transform a small business into a leader of digital transformation? Other participants of the discussion were: Ivana Todorović, Manager of Marketing and Communications Department / Societe Generale Serbia; Branislav Sekulić, General Executive and Cofounder / Vrtlari; Aleksandar Stepanić, Coowner / Carpe Diem Dairy; and Jovana Vasiljević, General Executive / Dr Gifing Center, all of whom are the finalists of the Generator program.

The goal of this edition of Webiz education was to offer a fresh perspective to business leaders while demonstrating a successful way of moving forward by merging technology and business, and emphasizing the importance of learning to adapt and overcome.

This occasion had the city of Novi Sad welcoming a number of experts sharing their knowledge and experience through lectures and panel discussions about the importance of the new ways of being a leader, adopting agile methodology, timely and affordable validation of ideas, creating value in digital economy, shaping the future with IoT, as well as about conjunction of technology and organizational culture, and adopting innovative solutions.